Bid Opportunities


Request for Proposal

The Town of Duck is seeking requests for proposals from qualified contractors to implement the following project.

Construction of a Stormwater Wetland/Rain Garden

The northern Town of Duck Park entrance is the watershed for all areas north, south and east of its entrance.  This area frequently has standing water despite a small channel to assist infiltration of stormwater run-off.

The Town of Duck has designed plans to create a stormwater wetland to improve infiltration, attract native pollinators and create an educational design element.

The full request for proposal along with associated design plans detailing existing conditions and topography, proposed improvement plan, grading plan and planting schedule my be obtained by clicking here, or you may contact Sandy Cross at 252-255-1234, or by email at to obtain a copy.


Contractor shall provide total cost for grading, surveying, material removal, plantings and final stabilization.  Planting selection may be modified based on local availability and approval by project coordinator.


The scope of work includes furnishing all labor, supplies, planting stock, and equipment and performing all work required for construction of a rain garden/stormwater wetland consistent with the attached plan prepared by Anlauf Engineering, PLLC titled Town of Duck Rain Garden in the Town of Duck, Dare County, N.C.


Project construction and planting shall be completed no later than May 20, 2021 unless otherwise directed by the project coordinator.


Contractor shall have substantial experience in grading and planting of stormwater wetlands and/or rain gardens. Contractor shall provide a list of the three most recent jobs of similar size along with the name and phone number of the owner, owner’s representative or contracting officer who can speak to the satisfactory performance of work contracted and completed on projects of similar nature. Contractor shall provide a description of contractor’s qualifications related to the development of stormwater wetlands and/or rain gardens or related experience which will help the Town of Duck determine that contractor is qualified and experienced.

Your RFP should include the following:

  • Project bid sheet;
  • Reference Information;
  • Contractor qualifications

Proposals should be submitted to the Town Manager’s Office located at 1200 Duck Road or mailed to P.O. Box 8369, Duck, NC 27949 no lager than January 20, 2021.  Questions regarding the scope of work should be directed to Sandy Cross at 252-255-1234, or by email at