Town Ordinances Online

The Town of Duck has uploaded its ordinances to the American Legal Publishing website. Recently approved ordinances can be found below until they are uploaded to American Legal Publishing.

If you have any questions on these ordinances, or on how to use the site, please contact the Town’s Department of Community Development at (252) 255-1234.

Below is a list of ordinances that have not yet been incorporated into the American Legal Publishing website.

22-02 Capital Project Ordinance for the Town of Duck

22-03 Removing Criminal Sanctions and Penalties

22-04 Amending Flood Damage Prevention Standards Ordinance

22-05 Allowing Residential Duplexes as a Permitted Use in C-1 Zoning Districts

22-06 Amending 22-02- Capital Project Ordinance

22-07 Clarifying Lot Coverage Allowances for Residential Properties Ordinance

22-08 Clarifying Setback and Elevation Requirements for Dune Walkovers Ordinance

22-09 ARPA Grant Ordinance

22-10 Amending Ordinance 17-06 Regulatory Standards for Dune Walkover Structures

23-04 Amending Sped Limit Ordinance