Town Ordinances Online

The Town of Duck has uploaded its ordinances to the American Legal Publishing website. Recently approved ordinances can be found below until they are uploaded to American Legal Publishing.

If you have any questions on these ordinances, or on how to use the site, please contact the Town’s Department of Community Development at (252) 255-1234.

Below is a list of ordinances that have not yet been incorporated into the American Legal Publishing website.

22-02 Capital Project Ordinance for the Town of Duck

22-03 Removing Criminal Sanctions and Penalties

22-04 Amending Flood Damage Prevention Standards Ordinance

22-05 Allowing Residential Duplexes as a Permitted Use in C-1 Zoning Districts

22-06 Amending 22-02- Capital Project Ordinance

22-07 Clarifying Lot Coverage Allowances for Residential Properties Ordinance

22-08 Clarifying Setback and Elevation Requirements for Dune Walkovers Ordinance

22-09 ARPA Grant Ordinance

22-10 Amending Ordinance 17-06 Regulatory Standards for Dune Walkover Structures

23-01 Amending the Definition of Lot Coverage in the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Duck, North Carolina

23-02 Amending Standards for Lot Coverage Calculations for Residential Properties in the Town of Duck, North Carolina

23-03 Clarifying Standards and Enforcement Provisions for Solid Waste Collection

23-04 Amending Speed Limit Ordinance

23-06 Amending Ordinance 09-04 Beach and Dune Management Ordinance

23-07 Amending Planning Board Description and Duties Ordinance

23-08 Adding a Definition of Drug Paraphernalia Sales to the Zoning Chapter of the Town Code

23-09 Allowing Board of Adjustment to Grant Continuances

23-10 Amending Town Code to Clarify Standards for Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Ordinance

23-11 Removing Planning Board from Special Use Permit Ordinance

23-12 Amending Parking Standards by Clarifying Crush and Run as Impervious Ordinance

23-13 Town Council Time and Place for Meetings and Procedures for Elections and Appointments Ordinance

23-14 Amending the Definition of Building Height in Flood Zone Ordinance

23-15 Amending the Chapter 94 Beach and Dune Management Ordinance

23-16 Defining and Regulating Business License and Registration Ordinance

24-01 Adding Section 130-05 Balloon Release Ordinance

24-02 Amending Sections Regarding Golf Carts Ordinance