Be Safe, Be Courteous, Be Green in Duck this Summer.

The Travel Channel has named Duck one of the “Top 15 Family-Friendly Beaches in America.” We are so excited that you are enjoying our beautiful beaches here in Duck. As you do so, there are some items that you should be aware of so that our beaches remain beautiful, safe, and welcoming. (For a PDF of these items, click here.)

*Remove all personal items daily, including tents.
*Attend to and refill all beach holes.
*Place all beach items at least 15 feet away from the base of the dune to allow for emergency access.
*Beach fires and fireworks are not permitted.
*See lifeguards for rip current safety.
*Utilize designated beach accesses.
*Protect our dunes by not walking, digging on, or climbing them.
*Report stranded sea life or sea turtle nests to the lifeguards.
*Shipwrecks are part of our area’s history and should be reported, but not disturbed.
*All trash should be disposed of properly, including pet waste.
*Remember, by working together we can keep our beaches beautiful and safe.

For a complete copy of the Town ordinance on beach safety, click here.