Dogs in Duck

One of the Top 10 Fido-Friendly Beach Towns in the United States!

The following are a few things to remember while in Duck with your canine friends:


Throughout Town

Dogs are required to be vaccinated for rabies, collared with proper identification at all times, and controlled by a leash (10 feet or less) or restraint throughout Town including at the park, boardwalk, and Duck Trail.

At the Park

Dogs may stroll through our Town Park and they must be on a leash. Please clean up after your dog. There are dog waste receptacles and bags provided throughout the park’s grounds. A specially-designed, dog-friendly water fountain is available near the playground for our canine friends. Dogs may attend outdoor Town events with their owners as long as they are properly restrained and well-behaved.

On the Beach

The only place where dogs may play unleashed is on the Town’s beach, although they must be under the watchful eye and control of a guardian. Dogs are allowed on Duck’s beach year-round. The Town does not own public beach access. Access to our beach is found at privately owned community accesses. The Town of Duck does not allow public street parking, and there are no public parking areas at beach accesses. Please check with the homeowners association for your vacation rental or with your rental company for beach access questions. As a courtesy, remember to clean up after your pet and do not bury pet waste in the sand or throw it in the ocean. Be aware that during the heat of the day, a dog’s paws can burn on the hot sand and he/she can become easily dehydrated by the intense heat or by drinking salt water.

Keep ID on Your Pet

If you bring your pet with you to Duck, please remember to have proper identification on your pet at all times.  Pets may accidentally wander off when visiting an unfamiliar place.

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