Bird Sanctuary

The Town of Duck has been designated as a bird sanctuary. Nearly 400 species of birds have been sighted on the Outer Banks and its surrounding waters. This impressive number is due to several factors: a location on the Eastern Flyway, varied habitats, and strong winds and storms that often bring exhausted “vagrants” to our shore.

Birding is always exciting on the Outer Banks. The greatest variety of species occurs during spring and fall migrations. For those seeking out migratory shorebirds, the various inlet tidal flats, ponds, and salt ponds offer the greatest concentrations.

Land bird migration in the fall can be good but spotty, with the best observations occurring in the shrub thickets and in the maritime woods.

Herons, egrets, terns, skimmers, and other birds that breed locally are best seen in the warmer months. These birds frequent both salt and freshwater areas. Winter ducks and geese concentrate in the large ponds and sound waters.

See also: Town of Duck Bird Sanctuary Ordinance.