Update from the Duck Police Department

Recently a year-round resident of the Town of Duck told us that he had heard that we were experiencing a rash of break-ins within the Town’s limits. We can report, as a fact, that Duck has experienced very few break-ins since the season has wound down. From September 1, 2009 through December 21, 2009, 12 home break-ins have been reported in Duck, two of which were discovered by the Duck Police Officers while they were on duty as part of the department’s aggressive property patrol programs. County-wide, 255 home break-ins were reported during the same timeframe.

In Duck, we tailor our efforts as our seasonal population decreases by increasing the number of random residential property checks. Your Police Officers perform a minimum of ten residential property checks at random locations each dayshift. Residences are checked on foot and every accessible door and window is carefully inspected to ensure the residence is secure. Officers also check for subtle signs that something may be amiss such as litter on the property, fresh foot prints, trash in the trash cans, moisture in unusual areas and water leaks, electronics left on, and HVAC and other mechanical systems that are malfunctioning. Further, we provide residence checks upon request for residents who are away. From September 1, 2009 through December 20, 2009, your Police Officers conducted 2,471 property checks, locating 32 open doors/windows, as well as water leaks and malfunctioning HVAC systems.

We use a number of patrol techniques to combat trends in criminal activity including saturation patrols and surveillance operations. We also coordinate with other area agencies in gathering, evaluating, and disseminating intelligence on crimes and criminals, as well as participating in multi-agency surveillance and saturation patrols. The Duck Police Department also offers security surveys and video inventory services. Please contact Christie Moseman at (252) 261-1112 or cmoseman@townofduck.com for additional information or to schedule residence checks or security surveys. You may also visit https://www.townofduck.com/policedepartment.htm to keep up-to-date on services offered by the Duck Police Department.