Police Department

Message from the Chief:

Welcome to the Town of Duck Police Department’s official webpage. I appreciate your interest and I hope you find the information on this page informative. Please check back often as we continually update the weekly police blotter and other information of interest to you, our community.

My service to you as your Chief of Police is my greatest honor and I am committed to providing the highest possible level of service to the Town’s residents, property owners and visitors. Each of your police officers and I were chosen to serve this community because we embrace professionalism, courtesy and integrity. As your Chief of Police, I will ensure the Town of Duck Police Department remains engaged in our community and employs the latest policing practices and technologies to keep Duck a safe place for all to live in and visit.

Open communication is vital to successful policing, so I assure you my door is open, and I stand ready to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have so that we can create lasting solutions to problems together.

My team and I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Jeffrey E. Ackerman - Chief of Police

General Information

Welcome to the Duck Police Department. The Duck Police Department exists to serve you with the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy, and integrity.

Following are the programs that are offered to our community, as well as the regular Police Blotters, that highlight police activity within the Town.

If you have any questions, or would like to participate in any of our programs, please call us at our office at 252.261.1112 or email us.

The current Police Department Staff follows. For additional information, or to contact an officer specifically please go to our Police Officer page.

Chief Jeff Ackerman

Lieutenant M. Clark

Sergeant J. Garrett

Sergeant J. Knight


Police Officer I C. Edwards

Officer J. Gilreath

Officer J. Naquin

Officer T. Armstrong

Administrative Assistant N. Martin

Vision Statement

Utilize a balanced approach, make great use of technology and new equipment, establish a meaningful relationship between the community and police officers and direct the agency with the most cutting edge tenets of policing in practice today.

Our Programs

Property/House Checks: The Duck Police Department offers a property/house check program to the Town’s property owners. As part of the program, the officers make periodic checks of residences that are not occupied during the off-season. The officers look for open windows and doors and other signs of unauthorized entry, as well as looking for other items such as water leaks. If an officer finds anything at a residence, the homeowner or rental company will be contacted so the residence can be secured. Additionally, if it appears that a crime has occurred, the incident will be investigated.

Video Program: The Duck Police Department also offers a video service to residential property owners. Properties can be vulnerable to natural disasters, theft, and fire. It’s important to take preparatory steps and have an inventory complete with photographs or video. This service includes having a police officer come to the residence and video tape and document it contents. As part of the service, the homeowner will receive a copy of the video on C.D. and the police department keep a copy for its records in a secure database as a back-up.

Security Surveys: Our police officers also offer a security survey service of residences and commercial properties within the Town. These surveys are designed to assess residences and businesses for ways to make the property more secure and to give recommendations that the property or business owner can implement to address potential security issues. Security surveys are conducted on an as requested basis.

The Town of Duck Police are committed to serving our residents in need and do our best to establish a relationship with Duck Town residents who may need a little extra special attention and assistance. We do have a program available to all full or part-time residents of Duck that is tailored to suit each participant’s specific needs. Volunteer participants may choose to have Duck police officers make personal visits to their homes, contact them on a scheduled basis via telephone or e-mail, assist with smoke detector inspection, conduct a residential site security assessment, or assist with any other agreed to item that may help them to feel more secure within the community. Additionally, participants may choose to divulge personal medical information that may assist emergency medical personnel during unusual events or emergencies. All information that is provided to the Duck Police Department will remain strictly confidential. Click here to view our flyer.

For additional information, please contact the Town of Duck Public Safety Office at 252.261.1112 or policeinfo@townofduck.com. The Town of Duck Police Department also is available to further assist our business community with issues such as business security and shoplifting prevention.

Police Blotter

Updated Police Blotters are generally released on a weekly basis. For the current Police Blotter, click here.