Permits and Forms

Development Forms and Building Permits

Application for building, trade, floodplain, and/or land disturbance permits
Development Permit Application

Owner Authorization for projects with construction cost of $30,000 or less
(required from Owner and Agent with submission of Building Permit Application)
Owner Authorization (projects under 30K)

Property Owner certification for nonrental parking deferral
Allows for the deferral of parking spaces provided the property is not in a rental program, and provided a survey is submitted showing the parking requirements can be met if the property converts to a rental or is sold. This certification and approved survey must be filed with the Register of Deeds.
Property Owner Parking Deferral

Application for authorization of temporary electrical connection prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy
(Several requirements must be met and an inspection performed prior to release of power)
Temporary Electrical Connection Authorization Form

Appendix B – Building Code Summary for All Commercial Projects.
This form is required to be completed and submitted either on the building plans or separately with any permit application involving commercial projects
Appendix B – Commercial Projects

V zone Certification.
This form is required for all development that occurs in High Velocity (v) Flood Zones. This form needs to be completed by a licensed North Carolina engineer or architect.
V Zone Certification

Licensed Trade Release Forms

Electric: Electrical Contractor Release Form

Gas/Fuel Piping: Gas Contractor Release Form

Mechanical: Mechanical Contractor Release Form

Plumbing: Plumbing Contractor Release Form

Release Forms MUST be signed by the Licensee/Qualifier

Land Use Permits

Application for an Appeal
Application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment to appeal a determination of the zoning administrator

Conditional Use/Special Exception/Group Development Permit Application
Application for a Conditional Use Permit, Special Exception Permit, Major Home Occupation, Group Development or Amendments to same.

Zoning Amendment Petition
Application to rezone the current classification of a particular parcel of property; Application to request a zoning text amendment to the zoning ordinance

Application for a Variance
Application for a zoning variance

Application for Minor Home Occupation Permit – Application for a Minor Home Occupation

Site Plan Application
Site Plan Application for Commercial Development Projects

Miscellaneous Permits

Application for Error in Building Location
Application for Administrative Approval of an Error in Building, Structure, or Site Feature Location; allows administrative approval up to a maximum 10% of the minimum yard requirement.

Application for Reduction of Minimum Yard Requirements
Application for Administrative Approval of a Reduction in Minimum Yard Requirements for Existing Single Family Homes pursuant to Section 156.054 or 156.055

Sign Permit Application
Sign Permit (ground mounted, wall mounted and window mounted)

Temporary Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign Permit (ground mounted, wall mounted and window mounted)

Automatic Alarm Permit Application
Permit to operate any mechanical or electrically operated device designed to monitor and/or detect fire, unauthorized intrusion or an emergency situation and which transmits a warning signal by any means.

Business Special Events Permit

Special Event Permit Form

Town Hall and Park Facility Applications

Facility Use Policy and Application

Town Park Rules and Application