4th of July Parade Grand Marshall Announced

The Town of Duck is pleased to announce that the Duck Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD) has been selected as the Grand Marshall for the Town’s 8th Annual 4th of July Parade being held on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. The Town of Duck honors contributing members of the Duck community in the annual parade by naming them Grand Marshall. The Duck Volunteer Fire Department’s commitment and influence in the Town’s development, as well its services to the community, encouraged the Town to honor it with the title.

The Duck Volunteer Fire Department, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, was incorporated in 1982 under Chief Kenny Smith. The first Board of Directors included Robert Scarborough as chairman, Ray Scarborough as assistant chairman, and David Price and Fred Scarborough as lieutenants. When the DVFD was incorporated, it had a total of 19 volunteers. These new firefighters trained two nights a week to earn their certification. With only a mere 400 houses in Duck in 1982, the Fire Department received about 30 emergency calls a year at that time. The Firehouse, nestled on four acres of land in the center of the six mile district, was built from the ground up by the volunteer firefighters. As the population increased during vacation season, so did the number of emergency calls.

Former Town of Duck Mayor Pro Tempore and member of the DVFD for 11 years, Allan Beres, said that “the biggest change was when we went from just fires to handling Emergency Medical Service (EMS) calls.” Since then, EMS calls account for over half of the emergency calls the Duck Volunteer Fire Department receives each year.

Today, the Town of Duck has more than 2,200 homes and over 180 commercial establishments. The DVFD is now a combined department under Chief Donna Black consisting of five career staff members and 29 volunteers. It operates out of a facility at 1259 Duck Road. The Board of Directors includes President Pat Scarlett, Vice President Bob Mack, Treasurer Rick Fagersten, Secretary Hayden Poulin, and Board Member at Large Jon Britt. Currently, the Fire Department responds to an average of 450 emergency calls a year. The Town of Duck is proud to honor such dedicated and invaluable members of the community at this year’s 4th of July Parade.

The Town of Duck’s 4th of July Parade is on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. If attending the parade, please arrive early to get a good spot on the parade route. The parade will travel down Scarborough Lane then across Ocean Way and then head back down Christopher Drive. No part of the parade will take place on Duck Road (NC12). For best parade viewing, please walk as far down Scarborough Lane and Christopher Drive toward the ocean as possible. After the Parade, there will be a community social at the Duck Town Park, which will include refreshments, music by Ruth Wyand and Friends, and the awarding of Parade trophies.

Parade registration is now open. The Parade registration form, entry guidelines, and Parade route are located on the 4th of July page. Don’t miss out on this exciting day of celebration sponsored by the Town of Duck.