Weekly Blotter | March 25 – March 31

Town of Duck Police Department

1259 Duck Road • Post Office Box 8369
Duck, North Carolina 27949

PHONE (252) 261-1112

FAX (252) 261-2108

Jeffrey E. Ackerman, Chief of Police

Weekly Police Report
March 25, 2024 – March 31, 2024
Calls for Service: 165


  • Officers issued 3 traffic enforcement actions during the week.


  • 91 business checks were made.No unsecured doors were found.
  • 30 seasonal property checks were made.  1 unsecured door was found.
  • Noextra patrols were requested by out-of-town property owners this week.     


  • Suspicious Vehicle (Duck Road)

On March 29, 2024, after clearing an alarm call in the area, a vigilant Duck officer noticed a car that was connected to an open “stolen vehicle” case from earlier in the week. The open case was solved after determining the vehicle had not been stolen but was involved in civil litigation. No criminal charges were warranted.

  • Fight in Progress (Mutual aid requested Kitty Hawk PD)

On March 31, 2024, a Duck Police Officer was on his way home when a call came out for a fight in progress at the 7-11 store in Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk Officers requested mutual aid assistance, and the Duck officer responded.  The Duck officer arrived and assisted in locating a firearm and de-escalating the situation. Kitty Hawk Officers arrested the suspect without incident.

  • Dispute (Duck Road)

On March 31, 2024, Duck officers were dispatched to a noise dispute, possibly involving a knife. Upon investigation it was found that a knife was not used in any manner. Both parties stated that the dispute was the result of a misunderstanding. No enforcement action was taken.


  • Traffic Crash (Pelican Way)

On March 30, 2024, an officer was dispatched to a minor crash which occurred on private property. A box truck backed into a pickup truck, causing minimal damage.

WEEKLY TRAFFIC VOLUME (As determined by ALPR Detections)

ALPR Camera03-25-2403-26-2403-27-2403-28-2403-29-2403-30-2403-31-24
Northbound: Duck Into Corolla3511101723081583500448493420
Southbound: Currituck Into Duck2822307832172133333732802475
Northbound: SS Into Duck6525665570045845826178645636
Southbound: Duck Into SS5549576260814074622561284924
Total Detections18407165121861013635228272212116455
  • 45.3% of the vehicles that entered Duck passed through to Currituck County last week.