Weekly Blotter | August 21- August 27

Town of Duck Police Department

1259 Duck Road • Post Office Box 8369
Duck, North Carolina 27949

PHONE (252) 261-1112

FAX (252) 261-2108

Jeffrey E. Ackerman, Chief of Police

Weekly Police Report
August 21, 2023 – August 27, 2023
Calls for Service: 231

  • Officers issued 24 traffic enforcement actions during the week.
  • 122 business checks were made. 1 unsecured door was found.
  • 1 extra patrol was requested by an out-of-town property owner this week.
·       Damage to Property (Duck Road)

On August 21, 2023, Duck officers responded to the report of a vehicle running off the side of the road, striking and damaging a mailbox and running over several bushes. The report was made approximately one hour after the incident. Officers used all available technology but were unable to identify the suspect vehicle.

·       Attempt to locate (Duck Road)

On August 22, 2023, Duck officers were dispatched to locate an intoxicated person that wandered away from the bar. Officers arrived and searched the area, including the beach, where thermal imaging technology was used, but the person was not located. The reporting party determined the person walked home or got a ride.

·       Larceny (East Sea Hawk Drive)

On August 22, 2023, Duck officers were dispatched to the above location after a wallet was reported stolen; however, the caller was unsure if the wallet was stolen from her vehicle or at a store she had visited earlier in the day.

·       Dispute (Georgetown Sands Road)

On August 22, 2023, Duck officers were dispatched to the above location after a heated verbal dispute between neighbors ensued after several bushes were cut down. Officers determined that permission to cut the bushes down had been granted by the homeowner’s association. Officers defused the situation and both parties apologized for the way they had spoken to each other.

·       Damage to Property (Sea Colony Drive)

On August 23, 2023, Duck officers responded to the above location after a burned area on a plank of wood under the condos was reported. Officers determined the burn was likely caused by a grill.

·       Trespassing (Dianne Street)

On August 23, 2023, Duck officers were dispatched to the above location after a suspicious female was seen wandering around the property. The suspect left the area prior to the officer’s arrival.

·       Missing Person / Water rescue (Marlin Drive)

On August 25, 2023, Duck officers were dispatched to the beach after an intoxicated male went swimming in the ocean at night and the caller lost sight of him. The caller searched the area and contacted police an hour after losing sight of the missing person. The U.S. Coast Guard was contacted, and they responded with a helicopter and a boat to search for the missing person. After approximately three hours, the search was suspended until daylight. The following morning, officers were contacted by the caller who advised the missing person had been located safe. The missing person advised he had been swept down the beach and after getting out of the ocean, made his way back to his rental property where he passed out in the back yard.

·       Drug Violation (Schooner Ridge Drive)

On August 27, 2023, Duck officers were called to the above location by a pool maintenance technician who located a bag of marijuana in the pool area. Officers took possession of the marijuana and destroyed it.

·       1187 Duck Road

On August 22, 2023, Duck officers were contacted after a vehicle owner noticed damage to their vehicle. The caller believed the damage occurred while the vehicle was parked at a business, but there was no witness to corroborate that theory.

WEEKLY TRAFFIC VOLUME (As determined by ALPR Detections)
ALPR Camera08-21-2308-22-2308-23-2308-24-2308-25-2308-26-2308-27-23
Northbound: Duck Into Corolla4308480051174804478163431421
Southbound: Currituck Into Duck4228471351364681507368852319
Northbound: SS Into Duck8096802086827992835895632619
Southbound: Duck Into SS70617490796774018010101343597
Total Detections2369325023269022487826222329259956

59.2% of the vehicles that entered Duck passed through to Currituck County last week