Town of Duck Seeks At-Large Advisory Committee Members for CAMA Land Use Plan Update

Since 2005, the Town has used its current Land Use Plan to provide guidance when investing in public resources, establishing public policies, adopting ordinances, evaluating development proposals, and issuing development permits.  Following the adoption of the 2005 plan, many of the original recommendations in the plan have been implemented, new issues and opportunities have arisen, and changes in the Town’s philosophy or approach to certain issues may have occurred.  The Town will be contracting with a professional planning consultant to complete an updated CAMA Land Use Plan that will represent a comprehensive plan for the Town of Duck.

The Town of Duck is seeking two at-large community members interested in serving on the CAMA Land Use Plan Advisory Committee during the development of an updated plan for Duck.  The Advisory Committee will work with Town staff and the planning consultant to facilitate the planning process and provide input during the Land Use Plan update.  The expected timeline for service is approximately 12 months, beginning in June 2019.  Scheduling will include approximately five committee meetings with staff and consultants during the process.

The Duck CAMA Land Use Plan Advisory Committee will consist of seven total members appointed by the Duck Town Council.  In addition to the two at-large members, the committee will include representatives from the Town Council, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Duck Merchants Association, and a neighborhood representative.  In order to gain input from a wide variety of stakeholders, those expressing interest in the at-large seats should not currently serve on another board or committee for the Town of Duck.

To apply for an at-large committee position, please submit an application to the Town Clerk.  Copies can be found here or by contacting  For questions about the CAMA Land Use Plan, please contact Joe Heard at or 252-255-1234.