Temporary Accommodations for Businesses Extended until Dec 31

Temporary accommodations for businesses subject to COVID-19 Restrictions have been extended by the Mayor until December 31, 2022. View the signed order.

These temporary accommodations are necessary as the Town of Duck will be hosting an influx of visitors from areas throughout the country during the upcoming summer tourist season and many local businesses and customers desire to maintain social-distancing guidelines and other safety measures regardless of the Governor relaxing COVID-19 business restrictions. The following temporary accommodations are adopted and will be in effect through December 31, 2022.

▪ It is the intent of these provisions to allow businesses to operate fully at the maximum occupancy limit permitted by the Health Department and Town of Duck prior to COVID-19 limitations, not to allow temporary expansion of business operations.
▪ The temporary use of food trucks, food carts, or food stands for any purpose is not permitted under these accommodations.
▪ Businesses must comply with all federal, state, and local orders regarding operating capacity, social distancing, crowd-gathering, and other restrictions.
▪ If located within or adjoining a walkway, outdoor seating/dining and outdoor display areas cannot hinder visibility and access to other businesses and must retain a passageway at least five feet (5’) in width.
Businesses seeking to implement these temporary provisions must submit information concerning their proposal for approval by the Community Development Department.
▪ Fees relating to the establishment or provision of temporary accommodations described in this order shall be waived.

Temporary Outdoor Seating/Dining:
▪ Outdoor seating areas can be added as long as the overall number of seats does not exceed the maximum occupancy limits permitted by the Dare County Environmental Health Department and Town of Duck.
▪ Outdoor seating/dining areas must obtain approval from and maintain compliance with the requirements of the Dare County Environmental Health Department.
▪ Existing outdoor seating/dining areas can be expanded or new outdoor seating/dining areas established, but only to accommodate the amount of seating permitted under the maximum occupancy limit.
▪ Outdoor seating/dining areas may be located on porches, decks, walkways, or lawn areas.
▪ Outdoor seating/dining areas cannot be located within required parking spaces, street rights-of-way, required buffer areas, drive aisles, or fire lanes.
▪ Outdoor seating/dining areas must be kept clean of litter and maintained in a safe and sanitary condition. Trash receptacles must be provided on-site.

Temporary Outdoor Displays:
▪ Outdoor displays of products are permitted for businesses subject to occupancy restrictions as a result of COVID-19.
▪ Outdoor display areas may be located on porches, decks, walkways, or lawn areas.
▪ Outdoor display areas cannot be located within required parking spaces.

Temporary Tents:
▪ Tents are only permitted in association with the establishment of outdoor seating/dining areas and outdoor display areas.
▪ No more than one (1) tent is permitted per business, unless approved by the Community Development Department as part of a temporary business operations plan.
▪ Tents cannot be located within minimum building setbacks, required buffer areas, or required parking spaces.
▪ Tents are subject to permitting and inspection requirements.

Temporary Signs:
▪ Directional signs are permitted up to a total of twelve square feet in size on any property.