Regional Bicycling Plan- Your Input is Needed

The Albemarle Rural Planning Organization (RPO) wants to hear from you about bicycling in the Albemarle region, which includes the Town of Duck and surrounding communities.  The RPO, together with a steering committee of representatives from around the region and the Department of Transportation, is developing a comprehensive bicycle plan aiming to establish the region as a Bicycling Destination for the World where roadways comfortably accommodate all modes of transportation.  The planning team is seeking input from each of you.  To share your vision for bicycling, please visit the project website at and fill out the project comment form.  This website provides more information on the project, as well as additional tools to provide feedback including an interactive input map and Facebook page.   The success of this citizen-driven planning process will depend on the support and contribution of residents from around the region.  Comments from visitors are also welcome and encouraged.  The planning process will continue through the summer of 2013 and the comment form will remain open through February 2013.  Please send questions or comments abouts the plan to Steven Lambert of the Albemarle Rural Planning Organization at or (252) 426-5753, and spread the word.  Together, we can make bicycling a safe, common activity throughout this region.