Planning Board Meeting Recap | May 9, 2024

At its meeting on March 13, 2024, the Town of Duck Planning Board conducted the following business:

  • The Board members began their review of existing allowances for lot coverage granted for pervious/semi-pervious groundcover on residential properties (such as pervious paving or artificial turf).  They evaluated how much of an allowance should be granted for different types of alternative surface materials.  The Board also discussed how to best address concerns about the ongoing maintenance of these surfaces so that they maintain permeability over time.  To inform their future discussions, the Board prepared questions for the Town’s consulting engineer as they continue review of this issue at future Planning Board meetings.
  • At the direction of Town Council, the Board members also considered standards for stormwater management on single-family residential properties.  Community Development staff presented information about current Town standards and standards of several other communities that have these types of residential stormwater management requirements.  After discussion of pros-and-cons and alternatives, the Board decided not to recommend any new regulations.
  • As part of its review of a 2024 Planning Trend report published by the American Planning Association and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the Planning Board looked at the increased use of home offices and people working from home.  Specifically, the Board members discussed how the Town accommodates home offices through allowances for home occupations in residential districts.