Pedestrian Plan Update- March 9, 2018

Construction on Phase I of the Town of Duck Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan along the east side of Duck Road (N.C. Highway 12) in Duck Village has been proceeding rapidly. It’s been exciting to see the final project take shape as the sidewalks are formed and poured with concrete. Over the past week, Barnhill Contracting completed another long stretch of sidewalk from Kellogg Hardware to a point beyond Marlin Drive to the north. Driveways have been regraded and repaved in several other locations to accommodate the grade of the sidewalk. Thanks to careful coordination, access has not been blocked to any businesses during this process.

During the week of March 12th, Barnhill Contracting will continue to pour concrete for the new driveway entrances and sidewalks. Areas of work include a short stretch of sidewalk connecting the northern end of the project to the sidewalk at Duck Deli, several small sections of sidewalks/driveways in between, and the southern end of the project from Aqua Restaurant and Spa to Twiddy Realty.

While heavy construction equipment is being operated along the side of the road, there may be a traffic lane shift to the middle lane. Please be alert and drive slowly and safely as you pass through the construction area.