Pedestrian Plan Update- February 9, 2018

Construction on Phase I of the Town of Duck Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan along the east side of Duck Road (N.C. Highway 12) in Duck Village is continuing.  During the past week, Barnhill Contracting completed the more detailed, fine grading from the Cotton Gin northward to the BP Station/Coastal Cravings.  This portion of the project includes removal of existing asphalt outside of the four-foot (4’) wide bike lane, digging an infiltration trench for the landscaping, adding a stone base, filling the trench will a soil mix for future planting, and grading the adjoining five-foot (5’) section for the sidewalk.  A paved portion of several driveways will also be removed as part of this process to regrade driveways consistent with the grade of the sidewalk.

Dominion Energy has also been moving lines in several areas to accommodate the new sidewalk.  During the fine grading process, the contractors have run across challenges with utility lines, street/driveway crossings, and other grading issues.  To help resolve these issues, Town officials and VHB Engineering are conducting site visits to meet with the contractor, utility companies, and business/property owners throughout the project to develop appropriate solutions.

During the week of February 12th, Barnhill Contracting will continue its fine grading northward to the Duck Deli property.  After Dominion Energy reorients a power line, Barnhill also plans to complete construction on a block retaining wall to be located by the Scarborough Faire/Scarborough Lane properties.  While heavy construction equipment is being operated along the side of the road, there may be a traffic lane shift to the middle lane.  Please stay alert and drive slowly and safely as you pass the construction area.

Barnhill Contracting has completed its grading and site preparations in the southernmost portion of the project between Four Seasons and the crosswalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa.  This section of the project will consist of an eight-foot (8’) wide shared use path extending the existing Duck Trail to the south.  This portion of the pathway is now ready for asphalt surfacing, which must be completed on a relatively warm, fair-weather day.