Pedestrian Plan Phase II Update- April 12, 2019

This week, the pavement marking subcontractor completed the installation of the new crosswalks as well as the road markings along the bike lane for the project.   RPC Contracting returned to Duck and began grading for the sidewalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa. They intend to continue northward to Super Wings.  Once the initial grading is complete to Super Wings, RPC Contracting will install the trench area that will be the landscaped strip.  They expect to have the grading and trenching done to Super Wings by mid-week.  They will then work on preparing the remaining driveways for concrete.  The driveways will be removed and replaced with a temporary gravel entrance until concrete can be poured.

Dominion Energy and their sub-contractor, MasTec, will be mobilizing and staging materials and equipment in order to complete an underground power line installation in the stretch from the Town Park to Osprey Landing Shopping Center.

A request to relocate one of the two dumpsters at Osprey Land has been made.  The trash dumpster will be relocated into the dumpster enclosure within the next few days.  The second recycling dumpster will be relocated into the enclosure once the rear enclosure bollards have been installed.

Due to the use of heavy equipment, the southbound travel lane may be closed at times with traffic being directed into the middle lane during the closures. Please be alert for construction activity and drive slowly and safely as you travel through this area of town.

The second phase of the sidewalk project will be constructed along the west side of Duck Road from the crosswalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa to Resort Realty at the northern end of Duck Village.  Planned improvements include a dedicated bike lane, landscaped strip and sidewalk. The project will also involve utility relocation and the installation of new lighted crosswalks at the Waterfront Shops and Dune Road.  Phase 2 construction has an expected completion date sometime in May.

For questions about these proposed pedestrian improvements, you can contact Director of Community Development Joe Heard at or (252)255-1234.