Mid- Month Council Meeting Recap | April 17

Below is a summary of the Mid- Month Council Meeting held on April 17, 2024. A recording of the meeting can be viewed here. A PDF of the presentation is available here.

For more budget information, please visit the Budget and Financial Information website.

Here’s the recap from the April 17th meeting:

  • Council approved a contract with Coastal Protection Engineering, subject to FY 2024-2025 budget appropriation, for beach monitoring services
  • Council approved Resolution 24-05, which supports a PARTF Grant to replace the playground equipment
  • Council approved a contract with Flock Safety for license plate reader services
  • Council approved Resolution 24-06 which authorizes the Town Manager to execute and file an application on behalf of the Town with the State of North Carolina for a principal forgiveness loan and/or grant
  • Council was presented with the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 draft budget and made the following changes:
    • Updated the Workers Compensation insurance rates to reflect the renewal rate quote received
    • Increased the Merit Pool from 5% to 6%             
    • Corrected the contract cost, in Police, for the Flock ALPR system ($5,000)
    • Restored the previously cut Vehicle Telematics/AVL in Police ($2,880)
    • Increased the number of sets of turnout gear to replace from 2 to 3 in Fire ($5,000)
    • Deferred the Playground Equipment to a future year ($62,500)
    • Deferred the second phase of the Irrigation Replacement System upgrade to a future year ($10,000)
    • Deferred the replacement of a Big Belly Trash/Recycling set to a future year ($8,600 – this was incorrectly shown as $5,000 yesterday)
    • Due to an error in the Big Belly cost, $2,000 was added to the Public Safety Building repair line to allow for additional work to be done this year
    • Reduced funding for streetlight replacement by $3,000
    • Increased Contingency by $17,806 to align with policy
    • Increased the Ad Valorem tax rate from $0.22 to $0.25
  • The next meeting will be the Regular Meeting on Wednesday, May 1 at 1:00pm.