Living Shoreline and Resiliency Project Update | May 14

Fred Smith Company will return to Duck this week to complete their punch list items. You can expect a short area of lane closure beginning on Wednesday and continuing through the end of the week as additional work on the revetment, sidewalk and pier across from Olde Duck Road is completed. Landscapers are still awaiting favorable conditions for marsh grass and shrub plantings. However, the infiltration strips have been planted, aside from the area where Fred Smith will be working this week. 

Please use caution and pay attention as you drive through the area. Please also remember that the speed limit is 25 mph as you pass Sunset Grille into the village.  

Be patient, mindful, courteous, and cautious while driving through the construction area. Motorists should be aware of lane closures and be diligent to not block intersections if stopped. This keeps everyone safe as the project continues. 

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