Duck Trail Improvements

The Duck Trail improvements at Plover Drive and Oceancrest subdivision began Monday, January 15.  At Plover Drive, the existing retaining wall will be removed and replaced. As a result, the sidewalk between Plover Drive and the Town of Duck sign, adjacent to the Four Seasons Tennis Courts, will be closed due to the proximity of construction to the sidewalk.  

As this retaining wall at Plover Drive is completed, trail improvements will move south to the Oceancrest subdivision where the existing concrete sidewalk, low retaining wall, and high berm will be removed and reconstructed with an 8’ wide ADA-compliant sidewalk and adjacent retaining wall. Crews began the removal of fill at the Oceancrest subdivision this week. Sidewalk demolition will follow once complete. During construction, the sidewalk will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle activity. 

The sidewalks in construction areas will be closed and not accessible due to the presence of heavy machinery and dangerous conditions. Pedestrians and bicyclists are asked to use extreme caution when traveling through these areas. 

For more information about the project, click here.