Dare County Department of Emergency Management Releases Video Discussing Emergency Decision-Making Process

The Dare County Department of Emergency Management has released a video entitled, “Emergency Decision-Making in Dare County,” to provide viewers insight on how critical decisions are made to protect public health and safety when an emergency is imminent or occurring anywhere in Dare County.

“We are often asked by our residents and the tens of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy our community each year how emergency decisions are made,” said Emergency Management Director Drew Pearson. “We hope the video answers those questions, allowing everyone to understand how tough and occasionally unpopular decisions are made to protect their lives and property from all threats and hazards.”

Although the majority of decisions during everyday emergency situations are typically made by first responders—such as law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians—many other types of emergencies quickly exceed the authority, resources and capabilities of those first responders and require county, town and other officials to come together to develop and execute a plan of action. Among the various types of emergencies that require collaboration and unity of effort are severe weather—such as a hurricane, tornado or winter storm—as well as other natural and man-made disasters, such as a chemical release, an act of terror, periods of civil unrest and public health crises.

The video provides insights on the authority local governments are provided under North Carolina General Statute 166A (the Emergency Management Act) and how local government officials in Dare County collaborate when necessary to make important decisions that affect and protect those living in or visiting Dare County.

The video is available on both the official Dare County YouTube page as well as Current TV’s website. To view the Emergency Decision-Making in Dare County video, click here.

For more information about the Dare County Department of Emergency Management and to access the county’s Emergency Operations Plan, visit www.DareNC.com/EmergencyManagement.