Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan Survey and Information Available

The Town of Duck is now embarking on its first pedestrian plan, as a way to refine the overall pedestrian experience. This will be a town-wide plan which will focus on infrastructure improvements as well as safety and education programs. A specific focus will also be the village center, which has high pedestrian and bicycle usage, served only by a wide shoulder on each side of NC 12. The Town has formed a steering committee of business owners, residents, community planners and elected officials to guide the planning process.  This project is being conducted in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Division, which will be a vital role in project development and implementation.  We will have a project website for the course of the study  Here you will be able to find information about the plan as well as minutes from all meetings. 

As well, a survey has been developed for the pedestrian plan which will be available on the town’s website as well as through the town’s other various outreach methods.   This survey can also be completed online at