Bulk Waste and Storm Debris

The rescheduled regular bulk waste collection will take place on Friday, October 19. Please note that the bulk waste collection is SEPARATE from storm debris collection.

Currently the Town does not anticipate storm debris collection east of the Duck Trail. Properties east of Duck Trail should utilize the Bulk Waste collection.

Neither pick up is intended for removal of regular yard waste such as clipping and piles of leaves. If you have a small amount of vegetative debris and it will fit in the trash can, please do so and it will be collected during normal solid waste collection.

Items for the regular bulk waste collection can include:

large items including televisions, mattresses and yard/vegetative debris. Yard and vegetative debris must be bagged or CLEARLY tied into bundles of four (4) foot lengths or less weighing NO MORE than 50 pounds each. Waste Management does not use a truck with a mechanical arm for bulk waste collection and, therefore, the bundle MUST be manageable for a single person to handle.

Items that will NOT be collected in the bulk waste include:
• refrigerators or appliances that contain hazardous waste (refrigerant/Freon)
• hazardous materials such as paints, solvents, chemicals, etc. (dry out paint and place in regular trash)
• building materials or demolition debris
• roofing, soil, rocks, concrete, and stumps
• tires
Please note that bulk waste collection may take multiple days to conclude.

Collection dates for storm debris have yet to be determined. We will publicize these dates once details have been finalized.

These piles should be separate from the regular bulk waste. If items are not sorted, their collection may be significantly delayed. Currently the Town does not anticipate debris collection east of the Duck Trail. The date for the beginning of storm collection will be posted as soon as it is set.

Piles must clearly be separated into the following categories:

Vegetative– Yard debris resulting from storm damage. Routine Yard and vegetative debris such as leaves, pine straw and grass WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. This debris should be included with the bulk waste collection.
Construction and Demolition– This pile should consist of lumber, windows, doors, insulation, roofing, decking, cabinets, carpet, flooring, mattresses, and furniture.
Metal/White Goods– This pile should consist of metal objects such as bikes, gas grills, metal lawn furniture, and appliances, i.e. washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves damaged from the storm.

Please note that storm debris collection will take multiple days to conclude.