Beach Equipment/ Tent Setup Reminders

This past fall and winter, and following a stakeholder survey and meetings, the Town Council for the Town of Duck adopted several revisions to our beach and dune management ordinance which impacts beach equipment set-up. Below is a list of changes to the ordinance. Beach tents, umbrellas, chairs, etc. must be removed entirely from the beach daily or risk being collected as litter. Please see a list of regulations regarding beach equipment below.

  • Tent/chair, etc. setups may not occur before 6:30 am (changed from 8 am) and must be removed daily from the beach by 6:30 pm if unattended (changed from 5 pm).
  • Removal from the beach does not mean laying them in or on the dune, under or beside beach stairs, etc. They must be removed entirely from the beach and dune system.
  • Tent/chair, etc. setups must allow for a 15’ travel lane at the base of the dune for emergency access and may not be any closer than 10’ to dune vegetation or a turtle nest.
  • Beach tents or commercial beach equipment may not be located any closer than 50 feet in any direction from a lifeguard stand, or emergency or community beach accessway (this is new).
  • Tents may not be any larger than 12×12 or any taller than 9 feet, and guy wires may not extend beyond the 12×12 maximum size limit.
  • Two tents and/or sunshades may be tied together provided they are perpendicular to the shore. Tents and/or sunshades parallel to the shore may not be tied together nor may they be spaced any closer than 10 feet from each other (this is a change).
  • All shade structures must be properly secured.
  • Leaving unattended items on the beach between 6:30 pm and 6:30 am will subject you to the loss of your equipment as well as a civil penalty. These items may include, but shall not be limited to, volleyball, badminton and tennis nets, poles, tents, chairs, cabanas, sunshades, horseshoe stakes, croquet courses, umbrellas or any other personal property items.
  • Business license and fee, with a deposit, and signage requirements and limitations are now required for vendors.

Unattended items will be collected from the beach and disposed of as litter. It is also unlawful to store items on private property without the owner’s permission.

For a PDF of this information, please click here.