Beach Access Grading FAQ

After a winter season with a lot of wind and rough surf, some areas of our beach are steep as we wait for the gentler summer waves to smooth things out. The administrative office has had several questions regarding how and when beach access walkovers can be graded or otherwise altered for easier access.

See our FAQ below or contact the office to learn the options for your access.

  1. Does the Town provide services to grade a beach access?
    • The Town grades beach access locations within the nourishment area only, typically twice annually and as needed. Property owners in the nourishment area are not permitted to construct beach access stairs so a walkable sand access is needed. This work is permitted as part of a Major CAMA permit that was issued in connection with the 2017 beach nourishment project. Grading for the spring was completed 4/9/2022.

  1. If my property is outside the nourishment area, can I have my access graded?
    • If your property is located outside the nourishment area you may obtain a permit to extend a beach access structure (including stairs).
    • A post and rope or rail system can be installed without a permit.
    • Moving and/or grading sand outside of the nourishment area is permitted between November 15 and April 1 annually with a CAMA Minor Permit. Those permits may be obtained by contacting Sandy Cross at

  1. How can I find out what might work best at my access?
    • Town staff are happy to meet with owners and associations to discuss best management practices and options at their access in the event there is an escarpment or steep grade down to the beach.

Contact Sandy Cross via email or contact the Community Development Department by calling 252-255-1234 if you’d like more information.