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September 12, 2006


The Municipal Property Master Plan Advisory Committee for the Town of Duck convened at the Duck Municipal Offices at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 12, 2006.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Charlie Pratt, Donna Black, Avery Harrison, Town Manager and Town Clerk Christopher Layton and VHB Project Manager Chris Dewitt.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Chairman Paul Keller.


OTHERS PRESENT:  Deputy Town Clerk Lori Kopec.




In Chairman Keller’s absence, Town Manager Layton appointed Donna Black as Vice Chairperson to run the meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 11:03 a.m. 




Avery Harrison moved to approve the March 26, 2006 minutes as presented.  Charlie Pratt seconded.


Motion approved 3-0.


Avery Harrison stated that she would need to leave the meeting early and asked that the update on playground equipment be discussed first.  It was consensus of the Committee to discuss the update on playground equipment first.




Avery Harrison stated that she had contacted BCI Burke out of Wisconsin regarding playground equipment that they sell.  She handed out sheets to the Committee with examples of playground equipment that would be in harmony with the Municipal Property.  The Committee went on to discuss options for equipment for the Municipal Property.


Town Manager Layton stated that the playground equipment should fit in where the cleared area will be.  He stated that if fencing is put in, it would limit the space for the playground.  Avery Harrison stated that the representative from BCI Burke stated that the ground cover will need to be factored in.  Chris Dewitt asked if BCI Burke provide the ground cover or just the actual equipment.  Ms. Harrison thought they could do both.  Mr. Dewitt stated it would be great to get everything from one source.  He pointed out that cost of the ground cover will take a big part of the budget.  Ms. Harrison asked if Mr. Dewitt would be looking into prices.  Mr. Dewitt stated he had looked into some options but there was not a great deal of variation for ground cover due to ADA standards.  Mr. Dewitt stated he would come back at the next meeting with the cost estimate he had and the prices could be compared.


Vice Chair Black stated she liked the equipment as it fits into the natural look the Committee was going for.  Town Manager Layton agreed.  Avery Harrison pointed out that the warranty for the equipment is extremely good – 100 year limited warranty.


Vice Chair Black stated that she and Avery Harrison had worked with a budget of $50,000 when researching the equipment.  Avery Harrison stated she needed to figure out what was included in the price.  She stated that shipping as well as the crew to put it together need to be factored in.  She stated that the budget may dwindle quickly for the actual equipment.  Vice Chair Black stated they were able to price two (2) small pieces to fit into the constraints of the property and budget, but that it did not include other options.


Charlie Pratt asked where BCI Burke was located.  Avery Harrison stated they are in Wisconsin.  She passed out photographs of the local parks and the type of playground equipment they have for comparison.  She stated that all of them have benches and trash containers and some have picnic stations as well.


Vice Chair Black asked if the pricing was different than other places.  Avery Harrison stated that she did not compare prices with other companies.  Town Manager Layton stated that the prices are very much in line with other companies. 


Chris Dewitt stated he liked the look of the groundcover in the example of playground equipment.  He wondered what it was made of.  Avery Harrison thought the BCI Burke representative stated it was made to look like wood.  Town Manager Layton thought it was mulch.  Ms. Harrison stated that she had thought it was mulch but the representative corrected her.  She stated they were processed wood chips.  She stated this particular surface would help with the ADA compliance requirements.


Charlie Pratt asked if something was discussed about the surface material being a type that could be cleaned.  Avery Harrison stated it was discussed that it would have to be refreshed or added to.  Chris Dewitt stated that at the last meeting he had cost comparisons for two (2) different ADA compliant surface materials.  He stated he could not recall what they were.  He stated that since the processed wood chips were softer, they would be easier to clean than mulch.


Charlie Pratt felt that Avery Harrison should contact the company that makes the processed wood chips.  Town Manager Layton asked if Ms. Harrison should contact the company or if Chris Dewitt should.  Mr. Pratt thought that Mr. Dewitt could.  Town Manager Layton stated Mr. Dewitt could get more specifics on what is needed.  Mr. Dewitt stated he would follow up on the information.


The Committee went on to discuss different playground equipment variations with Town Manager Layton and Chris Dewitt.




Chris Dewitt stated that Town Manager Layton had met recently with CAMA staff.  He stated that there was some negotiation between CAMA and another wildlife agency regarding the precise alignment of the boardwalk.  Town Manager Layton stated that the concerns were resolved without issue.  Mr. Dewitt stated that there was some tweaking of the boardwalk alignment in a few places to balance the need to protect the coastal wetlands and the submerged vegetation in the water.  He stated that part of the boardwalk was extended to avoid some vegetation.


Town Manager Layton stated that another portion of the boardwalk was pulled in towards land to avoid the underwater vegetation.  He stated that the areas have been flagged and a survey crew has been out on site.  He didn’t feel it would affect the review process.  He stated that the survey is needed for construction documents.  Chris Dewitt believed this was the last outstanding issue for CAMA to resolve.  He stated that the best case scenario for the CAMA permit would be October 2006.


Charlie Pratt asked if the extension of the kayak launch would be extended in the same amount of space.  Town Manager Layton stated he was correct.  Mr. Pratt asked if another one hundred (100) feet would be added.  Town Manager Layton thought it was more around fifty (50) feet.  Mr. Pratt thought there shouldn’t be a significant price change for the boardwalk itself.  Town Manager Layton stated that the only other thing that would have an impact would be the small window to build the boardwalk.  He stated that Fish and Wildlife only allows until the beginning of April to drive pilings.  He hoped to have a contract in December for construction to start in January.


Charlie Pratt clarified that it was hoped by October 2006, the Town would receive the CAMA permit.  Town Manager Layton agreed and stated that the Town should have the CAMA Major permit in October.  He stated that the Town has already received the erosion and sedimentation plan as well as the water quality plan.




Chris Dewitt stated that Phase 1A was submitted which included the driveway and parking area.  He stated that three (3) bids were received – two (2) were responsive and one (1) only bid on the concrete.  He stated that the two (2) responsive bids were very high in price.  He stated he and Town Manager Layton met with the low bidder – Coinjock Farms. 


Town Manager Layton stated that ten (10) bid packets were sent out with only three (3) responding to it.  He stated it was a difficult project to bid because of the combination of site work and surfaces that are not very easy to deal with.  He stated that the combination of those issues and the intricate work on the site scared people off.  Chris Dewitt stated that a simpler bid package will be used for the other items to get more bids in. 


Chris Dewitt stated they had met with Coinjock Farms and discussed ways to reduce the overall cost and ways to tweak the plan to make it better.  He felt they came away from the meeting with some good suggestions.  He then reviewed the suggestions with the Committee.


Town Manager Layton stated he was supposed to receive the updated bid estimate soon.  He stated that they were finalizing some items.  He stated that he had expected the cost to be lower but not significantly lower. 


Chris Dewitt asked the Committee if they understood what gravel pave was.  He stated that it was interlocking, plastic web type material.  Town Manager Layton clarified that gravel pave was not the same as pavers.  Mr. Dewitt stated that gravel pave is hollow and gets filled with varying degrees of gravel.  He stated the plastic material keeps the gravel from compacting so it remains pervious.  He stated that a color could be selected for the top layer.  He suggested tan or gray for the color. Town Manager Layton passed out a booklet that illustrated what gravel pave looked like to the Committee.


Charlie Pratt asked what was holding up construction of the entrance.  Chris Dewitt stated that approval of the whole project is needed.  He stated that an entrance permit was needed from NCDOT.  He stated that he had spoken to NCDOT and thought they would be signing off on the entrance permit soon.  He stated that they are going to ask VHB to look at the possibility of lining up the entrance with the RBC Centura Bank entrance.  He stated that he didn’t think it would be possible as there are wetlands on the Town property in that area but told NCDOT that they would try to squeeze it closer to where they want it.  He stated that with regard to the timing, the CAMA permit stands alone.  With the approval of the overall CAMA permit getting close, they have been going back and forth on different issues.  Town Manager Layton stated that the issue is not dependent on the CAMA permit, but with the erosion and sedimentation people.  He stated that by the time Coinjock Farms starts the work, the Town should have the permit in hand.  Chris Dewitt pointed out that the overall erosion and sedimentation plan has been approved.


Charlie Pratt asked if approval is received from NCDOT as well as Coinjock Farms being granted the bid documents, the work would begin.  Town Manager Layton agreed.  Mr. Pratt asked when Town Manager Layton expected to hear from NCDOT.  Chris Dewitt hoped to hear from them today.  Mr. Pratt asked if it would be approximately two (2) weeks before work would be started.  Town Manager Layton thought it would start around the beginning of October.  He stated that they would probably start after Council approves the contract for Coinjock Farms.




Town Manager Layton stated that the Town received their second CAMA grant.  He stated that the Town now has $593,500 for Phase 2 of the plan.  He noted that he received an extension for the other grant through June 30, 2007.




Chris Dewitt stated that with the recent acquisition of the former Herron’s Restaurant and the possibility to locate a town hall there, implications of the Master Plan have occurred.  He stated that by including the town hall, the driveway would be changed as far as where it sits on the property.  He stated that there are also architectural questions as what the town hall will look like and how it could affect the architectural selections for the other structures.  He stated that Town Council had approved a contract with VHB to subcontract with Tymoff and Moss for a space needs study.  He stated that conceptual elevations would also be done.  He stated that VHB would figure out the best way to locate the town hall on the property.


Town Manager Layton stated that once the basic square footage is in place, a conceptual footprint size could be established and then the traffic flow and other amenities on the property could be determined. 


Vice Chair Black asked if the Committee could give VHB some ideas to give to Tymoff and Moss.  Town Manager Layton agreed and stated the Committee could brainstorm on ideas.


Avery Harrison had to leave the meeting at this point.  The time was 12:00 p.m.




Turkey Trot Donation


Vice Chair Black stated that this item would be tabled.


Trolley Stop


Town Manager Layton stated that the Outer Banks Transportation Task Force has been floating around the idea of a trolley.  He stated they are looking at locations for stops.  He stated that Chairman Keller had thought the park would be a perfect place for a stop.  He thought the item could be discussed at the next committee meeting.  It was consensus of the Committee to discuss it at a later date.


Park Usage


Town Manager Layton stated that the Committee will need to start thinking about park usage and parking policies. He stated that the Committee will need to discuss and recommend to Council the hours of operation, pets in the park and whether they will be allowed leashed or unleashed as well as events such as weddings.  He stated that the use of bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades will need to have a policy. He stated that even alcohol usage will need to be thought of.  He stated that he would start putting some recommendations together for discussion purposes on the policies.  He thought the timeframe to have things in place would be in April 2007.


Parking Policy


Town Manager Layton stated that parking will be an issue at the property.  He guessed that if some of the spaces were left unmonitored, they would become an issue.   He suggested the Committee think about if parking should be allowed after the park is closed for shops and restaurants.  And if not, how to keep people from parking there as well as enforcement.   He stated that the Committee should think about commercial activities.  He guessed that those types of activities would not be allowed at the park but needed the Committee to consider the details on how to define it. 


Charlie Pratt suggested that when the entrances to the park are designed, something should be in place to keep people from getting into the driveway during off hours. Town Manager Layton stated that the park will have retractable mechanical bollards in the driveway.  Mr. Pratt asked if the usage policies would be discussed at the next meeting.  Town Manager Layton stated they would.  Mr. Pratt asked if there would be input of the needs for the size of the town hall.  Town Manager Layton stated it would be part of the space needs analysis.  He clarified that this Committee was charged with how a town hall will fit into the park.




Chris Dewitt stated VHB is doing revisions to Phase 1A.  He will be getting revised estimates from Coinjock Farms as well as the entrance permit from NCDOT.  He hoped to have the CAMA permit in October.  He stated they are proceeding with finalizing the overall site plan including having the town hall put in. He stated he would contact BCI Burke to get more information on the playground equipment options.


Vice Chair Black asked if an email could be sent out to update the Committee on items since the meetings are few and far between.  Town Manager Layton stated that he anticipates the Committee will be meeting in October.  Charlie Pratt asked if it would be after the Council’s October meeting.  Town Manager Layton stated he was correct.




There being no further discussion, Charlie Pratt moved to adjourn the meeting.


Motion carried 2-0.


The time was 12:15 p.m.

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