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September 16, 2005


The Municipal Property Master Plan Advisory Committee for the Town of Duck convened at the Duck Municipal Offices at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 16, 2005.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Paul Keller, Charlie Pratt, Donna Black, Town Manager and Town Clerk Christopher Layton and VHB Project Manager Chris Dewitt.




OTHERS PRESENT:  Andra Limbaugh of VHB and Deputy Town Clerk Lori Kopec.




The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m.




Charlie Pratt moved to approve the August 18, 2005 minutes as presented.  Donna Black seconded.


Motion approved 3-0.




Chris Dewitt stated that the revised base map was part of the Committee’s packets.  He stated it was the same map that he had at the last meeting.  He stated that the only revision was that the wetland lines were corrected. 




Chris Dewitt reviewed the preliminary structural plans for the boardwalk with the Committee.  Chairman Keller asked if the boardwalk would be safe for infants.  Mr. Dewitt stated it would be.  He stated that the boardwalk would not support an ambulance but would support an ATV and some small vehicles, such as a light truck.  Chairman Keller pointed out that it was agreed that no bicycles would be allowed on the boardwalk.


Donna Black asked if it the posts had to be more code-oriented or if they could be decorative while meeting code.  Chris Dewitt felt that it could be changed. Town Manager Layton stated that it has to be close enough that a person could not put their foot between the slats.  He stated that the horizontal slats would have to be in such a way that a person could not climb over it.  He wasn’t sure it applied to railings.  Mr. Dewitt asked Ms. Black if she wanted something more decorative.  She stated that he was correct.  Town Manager Layton asked how durable the rails would be.  Mr. Dewitt stated he would check on it.


Chris Dewitt and the Committee discussed the boardwalk width.  Town Manager Layton pointed out that the bike path is eight foot wide.  Chairman Keller stated it is on the east side, but not through the Village.  Mr. Dewitt stated that eight foot widths is the minimum.  Charlie Pratt stated there may be a time when a bike or car may be needed to come on to the boardwalk.  Town Manager Layton felt that the most that would be on the boardwalk would be an ATV.  Chairman Keller reminded the Committee to keep cost in mind.  It was consensus of the Committee to have a ten foot wide boardwalk.


Town Manager Layton asked if the raised boardwalk is for the trails or for the boardwalk itself.  Chris Dewitt stated it would be the boardwalk on the sound.  He stated that he would check the cost options on the boardwalk.  Town Manager Layton suggested getting a surge load for hurricanes as well.


The Committee discussed bridge options for the Municipal Property.  Donna Black felt that the public will be looking for attention to detail for the bridge.  Chris Dewitt stated he would check on cost options for the bridge.




Chris Dewitt stated he had hoped to bring the criteria to the Committee, but his staff had gotten off key and he did not have them.  He stated that he would forward them to the Committee as soon as they are done.




Chris Dewitt stated that the guys have been out on site doing some sample borings and soil analyses.  He stated that report should be back before the Committee’s site visit in October.  He stated he would get it to the Committee as soon as he receives it.




Chairman Keller stated that he was walking along the Trail on the west side and it became clear to him that the trail is too narrow in some areas.  He felt this would be a good opportunity to make corrections to the path.  He asked the Committee for their thoughts.  Charlie Pratt agreed it was very narrow in some areas.  Chris Dewitt stated that he could look into the feasibility of widening the Trail.  He stated he is concerned about the transition from a wider section to a more narrow one.  He felt it would be awkward.  Mr. Dewitt stated he could look into the design feasibility of widening the whole Trail on the west side over the long term.


Town Manager Layton reminded the Committee of the bulkheading by the parking lot as well as an additional curb cut.  He stated that from a feasibility standpoint, the Committee could look at widening the Trail.  Chris Dewitt stated he would take a closer look at it and come back with some options.




Chris Dewitt stated that the Committee had discussed some action items earlier in the meeting in regard to the boardwalk.  He stated that he will be bringing back the design criteria for the Committee to review.  He stated that at the next meeting he will have some specifications on the picnic shelters, gazebos and playground equipment for review.  He stated the next key step will be for the Committee to get out on-site and discuss trail lines and the amphitheater location.


Charlie Pratt asked if Chris Dewitt was supposed to provide some drawings for the Rodgers House.  Chris Dewitt stated he still needed to speak to Barry Moss regarding the drawings.


Chris Dewitt asked if the Committee is set for the October 13, 2005 on-site meeting.  Donna Black stated she would not be able to attend.  Charlie Pratt stated he would not be able to attend as he will be out of town.  Chairman Keller asked when the gentleman from NC State would be visiting the property.  Town Manager Layton stated that he would be out on October 13 to discuss the invasive species. He stated that the meeting doesn’t have to be on that day.  Ms. Black asked if the next meeting would be one to walk the site.  Town Manager Layton stated it would.


Chairman Keller stated he would like to be at the October 13 meeting.  Donna Black stated that if she could get off of work, she will be there as well. 


The Committee discussed a date for another meeting.  The consensus of the Committee was to have a meeting on Monday, October 17, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. with Town Manager Layton conference calling Charlie Pratt in.




There being no further discussion, Charlie Pratt moved to adjourn the meeting.  Donna Black seconded.


Motion carried 3-0.


The time was 11:05 a.m.

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