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June 17, 2005


The Municipal Property Master Plan Advisory Committee for the Town of Duck convened at the Duck Municipal Offices at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, June 17, 2005.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Paul Keller, Charlie Pratt, Donna Black, Town Manager and Town Clerk Christopher Layton and VHB Project Manager Chris Dewitt.






OTHERS ABSENT:  Deputy Town Clerk Lori Kopec.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.




Charlie Pratt moved to approve the April 15, 2005 minutes as presented.  Donna Black seconded.


Motion approved 3-0.




Chris Dewitt stated that substantial progress has been made on a number of products.  He stated that a preliminary plan has been developed, which takes the concept plan and puts it into an engineering format. 


Chris Dewitt stated that preliminary work on the Rodgers House and the architectural concepts for a potential visitor center have been completed. 


Charlie Pratt asked what work was done near Herron’s Restaurant recently.  Town Manager Layton stated it wasn’t work, and that a truck had backed into the fire hydrant.  He stated that he and Chris Dewitt had requested any information on drainage from NCDOT, but to date, nothing has been received.


Chris Dewitt, Town Manager Layton and the Committee discussed options for the amphitheater.




Chris Dewitt stated that the wetland delineation was completed and the Army Corps of Engineers confirmation has not been obtained.  He stated that the wetlands near the Rodgers House may be less extensive than originally thought.  He stated that once confirmation is obtained, it will be surveyed and will be part of the engineered base map. 


Chris Dewitt stated that the air survey was flown in April, 2005 and he is still waiting on the base mapping from the air survey company before the next level of engineering can be done.  He stated that the base mapping will be delivered on July 5, 2005, which will allow VHB to complete their field survey work and begin the hardcore engineering.




Charlie Pratt asked what Geotech is.  Chris Dewitt stated that Geotech is soils testing, which has not been done on the property.  He stated that for the parking area, the soil needs to be tested to see what kind of compaction is there as well as well as finding out how deep the pilings would have to be sunk for the boardwalk and for the drainage improvements.  He stated that this process is a little delayed on the schedule, but everything else is being done on schedule.


Charlie Pratt stated he would like to see the drainage issues addressed early on in the project to set a good example for the Town.




Chris Dewitt stated that an architectural firm – Tymoff & Moss Architects – is on board and Barry Moss did some documentation on the existing structure and came up with some preliminary concepts for a visitor center.  He stated that Mr. Moss assessed that there is nothing worth saving in regard to the house.


Town Manager Layton stated that when he met with Barry Moss, they toured the house and discussed what should be saved from the house.  He stated that Mr. Moss is very sensitive to the historical aspects of buildings, but had made it very clear that nothing in the house had any historical significance and should not be saved.  He stated that the Committee is now at the point to make it clear to Council what should be done.


Town Manager Layton went on to show a Power Point presentation to the Committee from Tymoff & Moss Architects regarding the Rodgers House. 


Town Manager Layton stated he would like to get a recommendation from the Committee on tearing down the Rodgers House that he could take to Council.


Chairman Keller asked the Committee for their thoughts.


Charlie Pratt felt that the house should be torn down.  Donna Black agreed with Mr. Pratt.


Donna Black made a motion to recommend to Council that the Rodgers House be torn down completely.  Charlie Pratt seconded the motion. 


Motion approved 3-0.




Charlie Pratt asked how high the new visitor center would be above flood level.  Town Manager Layton stated that anything that is built will have to meet the new flood maps.  He stated the flood zone the property is in is a VE-7, meaning it would have to be seven feet above sea level.


Town Manager Layton stated he would go to Council and get their explicit permission to remove the house.  He stated he has a contractor lined up that can tear the house down in a day, probably in mid-July.


Charlie Pratt asked if anything would be saved from the house. Town Manager Layton stated there would not be anything saved.




Chris Dewitt stated the next milestone is the updated base mapping on July 5, 2005.  He suggested meeting in mid July to discuss the base mapping.  Town Manager Layton suggested waiting until the base maps come in and then have Deputy Town Clerk Kopec call the Committee to schedule the next meeting.


Town Manager Layton suggested leaving the recommendation on the construction of what the Rodgers House will look like to Council until the Committee gets to that point.  He suggested the Committee just recommend to Council that the house comes down.


Town Manager Layton suggested having a discussion with Barry Moss on how to come to that recommendation, as well as cost comparisons for the new building.  Chairman Keller also suggested that Mr. Moss be very explicit about the fact that there is nothing in the Rodgers House worth saving, from a third party’s objective.


Chris Dewitt stated that he hoped to get the Corps of Engineers scheduled to get the wetlands confirmed before the next meeting.


Chairman Keller asked what month the invasive species would need to be cleared. 


At this point, Donna Black was called away for a fire emergency.


Town Manager Layton stated that he thought it would be around October or November, 2005.




There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


The time was 11:20 a.m.

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