April 15, 2005


The Municipal Property Master Plan Advisory Committee for the Town of Duck convened at the Duck Municipal Offices at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 15, 2005.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Paul Keller, Charlie Pratt, Donna Black, Town Manager and Town Clerk Christopher Layton and VHB Project Manager Chris Dewitt.




OTHERS PRESENT:  Deputy Town Clerk Lori Kopec.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.




Town Manager Layton stated that he and Chris Dewitt would be working with the Committee.  He stated that this meeting is just a kickoff meeting and there would be discussions regarding where the project is now, what the purpose and the responsibilities of the Committee are, and where the Committee goes from here.  He stated that the Committee is designed to be an advisory committee and will have the responsibility of implementing the Master Plan.  He stated there may be minor and major changes to the Plan with the Committee addressing the minor changes.  He went on to give examples of some of the minor changes that the Committee could address.


Paul Keller asked if there would be a time when the Committee would present the Council with options.  Town Manager Layton stated there may be times where that could happen.




Chris Dewitt stated that the Work Plan was pulled together to help keep VHB on schedule as well as to let the Committee see how they inter-relate.  He stated the schedule is more target dated than defined deadlines.  The Work Plan will help keep the work flow going and move from interim to final product.  Mr. Dewitt went on to review the Work Plan with the Committee.


Paul Keller asked if the final delineation would have to be approved by CAMA.  Chris Dewitt stated it would have to be approved by the Corps of Engineers.  Town Manager Layton stated that once construction starts, CAMA approval would be required. 


Paul Keller asked if borings would need to be taken for the wetland areas.  Chris Dewitt stated the borings would need to be taken.  Mr. Keller asked if any public hearings would be needed for the wetland determinations.  Mr. Dewitt stated the permit process sometimes requires a public hearing.  Town Manager Layton stated it will be a CAMA Major permit for the wetland areas, but that CAMA would hold the public hearing. 


Donna Black asked if the Work Plan is a rough estimate.  Chris Dewitt stated she was correct.  Ms. Black asked when construction would start on the property.  Mr. Dewitt stated that the final plans and bid documents showed twenty weeks out.  Town Manager Layton stated that it would be late winter before bids would go out.


Paul Keller asked if the financial aspect will drive the Plan.  Town Manager Layton stated he was correct.  He stated that there is enough money in the budget to complete the first phase of the implementation plan and start some of the smaller features of the second phase.  Donna Black asked if accessibility would be available a year from now.  Town Manager Layton stated that the first phase of construction would be started a year from now.  He stated that the canoe and kayak launch would be the first two projects to be implemented.


Donna Black asked what would happen after the pictures of the façade of the Rodgers house are taken.  Town Manager Layton stated he anticipates that once the architect finishes what he needs to accomplish, the Town will proceed with the next step.  He stated he will know more once he gets initial thoughts from the architect.  He stated he anticipates the Rodgers house to be a part of the Town’s history.


Paul Keller asked if the invasive species would be tagged in the summer.  Town Manager Layton stated that the species will not need to be tagged in the summertime.  He stated that the Duck Trail maintenance contractor is a registered pesticide company and will be taking care of the invasive species.


Charlie Pratt asked if the preliminary site plan would be available at the next meeting.  Chris Dewitt stated it would depend on when the next meeting would be.


Paul Keller asked if there would be any “sticky” areas in the permitting process. Chris Dewitt stated he didn’t think there would be any.  He stated that he would know more as they go forward.




Chris Dewitt stated that the work products are divided by phase.  He went on to review the products for each phase to the Committee.


Paul Keller asked if the Committee should see the products a week before the meeting or not.  Chris Dewitt stated that that would be the best way to go.




Chris Dewitt stated the wetlands people have been out on site.  He stated there will be more field work on the wetlands.  He stated the architect will be out the week of April 18, 2005.  He stated that air surveying will be flying soon, depending on the weather.  He stated that Geotech will be out shortly.


Paul Keller asked when the Rodgers house will be razed.  Town Manager Layton stated he wants to wait until the architect is finished with his work.  He stated that he anticipates that it will be razed in the next fiscal year.  He stated that he would like to keep the façade of the house there while the house is being razed, if possible.


Town Manager Layton stated that the Committee will need to think about how to deal with limited parking.  He stated that he didn’t think the honor system would work in the summer, especially for kayakers.  He stated that he will be asking the Committee for their opinions on parking enforcement and security, such as vandalism.


Charlie Pratt asked how access to the park could be restricted at night.  Town Manager Layton stated it would be posted at the park that it is closed at night unless there was a special event.  He stated that the police would patrol the park as well.




Town Manager Layton stated that he has debated on whether the Committee would meet on a set schedule or allow the process to drive when they would meet.  He recommended letting the process drive when the Committee would meet.  Chris Dewitt stated he had the meetings set up the same way on the Work Plan.




There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


The time was 11:20 a.m.