Inspector’s Corner

October 15, 2018:

The Town completed damage assessments related to Tropical Storm Michael on Friday and identified 114 properties with damage. Most damage identified was limited to the soundside and included mainly marine structures and bulkheads. Twenty-eight structures were identified with lower level flooding. We are still compiling our soundfront email database and would encourage you to contact Sandy Cross at with your contact and email information and she will be able to verify whether your property was noted as sustaining.

If you sustained damage to your pier or bulkhead, including the loss or fill, you will also want to speak with Sandy regarding the permitting process. The soundfrount is considered an Area of Environmental Concern (AEC) and the State has additional jurisdiction related to development as well as repair and maintenance in this area.

May 8, 2018:

HVAC CHANGE-OUTS – PERMITS REQUIRED: Town staff is working with the state licensing board to make sure permits are being issued and final inspections are being performed for HVAC change outs.  It is important for owners to be aware that permits are required and they should verify that permits have been secured by contacting our office or requiring a copy of the permit from the contractor.

May 7, 2018: 

HOT TUBS – ELECTRICAL PERMITS REQUIRED:  Hot tubs sold for replacement of an existing hot tub may be placed without a permit, however, an electrical trade permit and inspection are still required for the electrical reconnection.

The inspector will verify that connections are proper, the type of wiring utilized is approved for such use, that conduits and GFCI’s are not defective, and that the structure on which a hot tub is placed is not showing any signs of structural failure.  Any of these items, if left unchecked and uncorrected, may have an impact on life safety.   Owners can play a part in the safety of their property by verifying that permits have been secured.

POOL BACKWASH: We have also seen and received several complaints regarding pool backwash being run onto adjacent properties, oceanfront community accessways and onto roadways within town.  While we understand that development generally constricts your ability to backwash, all pool water discharge should be kept within the property on which you are working and efforts should be made to maintain this standard to avoid negative impacts to adjacent properties and infrastructure.  Owners should insist on a high level of service from their providers to include conscious respect and environmental awareness of their surroundings.