Storm Water Project/Road Condition Update- September 29, 2010 16:00 hours

Please be cautious as you are travelling through the Town of Duck. As with any heavy rain, the typical areas throughout Town will experience significant ponding.

Particularly, while driving through the construction area in the southern part of Duck on Duck Road (NC 12) from Bias Lane to Seahawk Drive, drive slowly, observe or stay below the posted 25 MPH speed limit, and be extra cautious.

Currently, the work of adding gravel and smoothing out the roadway is completed, and two-lane traffic is flowing unimpeded.

As stated previously and most importantly, while travelling through the project area: drive slowly, be extra cautious, and stay at or below the posted 25 MPH speed limit. By doing so, this should help keep the road from being rutted and rocks from being displaced.

Crews will continue to monitor the road conditions through the project area. If any additional work needs to be done in response to the forecasted rain, updates will be sent out via the Town’s e-mail distribution list and posted on the Town’s social networking sites.
Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding.