Road Safety Reminder From Duck Police Department

With the changing of the seasons the movements of wildlife often increase.  This is particularly true of our deer population, and unfortunately there have been several minor traffic accidents involving deer recently. Duck Police urge motorists to be alert to deer in their travels. Deer primarily move at night; however, they also move and cross roadways during daylight hours. If you see deer at the roadside slow down but do not slam on your brakes.  Please keep the traffic behind you in mind. Deer can become both night-blind and disoriented by vehicle headlights and may freeze where they are or bolt across the roadway in front of you. If you see one or more deer cross the roadway ahead of you it is safe to assume that others may follow, even several seconds behind. Should you strike a deer with your vehicle do not approach the deer; a large, scared, and injured animal can be very dangerous, call 9-1-1 immediately.

For additional road safety tips, please click here to visit the NCDOT Safety Tips List.