N.E.S.T. Adds Sea Turtle Signage at Beach Accesses in Duck

Duck, NC – In an effort to educate the public on how to protect sea turtles, Network for Engangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T.) volunteers, with the support of local Home Owner Associations and the Town, are installing educational signage at beach accesses along the coast. The first of several sign installations in Duck has just taken place at three Sound Sea Village Beach Accesses. Signs will be added at locations where mother turtles lay their nests throughout the season, and N.E.S.T. hopes to continue to add signs in the future as funds allow.

Signs at nest locations highlight information on how beachgoers can help to protect sea turtles. Some points include taking all chairs, canopies and other items home at the end of each day. Level sand castles and fill holes when leaving the beach; dispose of trash properly; reduce lights at night including porch lamps and spotlights. Also, N.E.S.T. asks visitors to keep dogs on leads when near a posted nest.

Should you see a turtle emerging from the ocean to lay eggs, stay quiet and keep a distance between you and the turtle, and if you see tracks, turtles, or nest disturbance activity, call the N.E.S.T. 24-hour hotline: 252.441.8622. Sea Turtles are federally protected; tampering with a nest carries a heavy fine, possible jail time or both.

N.E.S.T., Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization committed to protecting endangered and threatened Sea Turtles and their habitat on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. N.E.S.T. works closely with the North Carolina Wildlife Commission and the North Carolina Aquarium as they work to provide safe nesting and hatching areas; respond to stranded sea turtles; provide rehabilitation for sick, injured, or cold-stunned turtles; and education for the community and its visitors on the needs of these threatened and engangered turtles. To learn more, visit www.nestonline.org or follow them on Facebook at N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles).NEST sign image

For additional information on the Town of Duck. please visit www.townofduck.com or call 252.261.1112.

Volunteers pictured from left to right: Sarah and Jim Dilley, Louise Vance, Dennis Pohl

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NEST sign image