House Votes Down Senate’s Sales Tax Redistribution Proposal; Local Officials Cautiously Optimistic

Dare County, NC: The North Carolina House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted down the Senate’s sales tax redistribution plan August 19, slowing the proposal that would take $4.5 million in local sales tax revenue away from Dare County next year. The vote on HB 117 was taken Wednesday and failed 111 to 2.

Local officials expressed optimism following the House vote, but realize there is still work to do as the plan moves to a joint conference committee for discussion and possible compromise.  “This is good news for Dare County and we appreciate the strong support of House members and the Governor in opposing this bill,” said Bob Woodard, Chairman of the Dare County Board of Commissioners. “We know that there are still ways for this legislation to pass as the joint conference committee meets and budget negotiations continue, so we remain vigilant and committed to working against it.”

County and Town officials have traveled to Raleigh each week to voice concerns about sales tax redistribution and the negative impact it would have on our local communities. This week, County Manager Bobby Outten and Nags Head Town Manager Cliff Ogburn joined representatives from across the state who told state leaders that if this type of plan is written into law, local officials would be forced to cut services or raise property taxes.