Follow-Up on the After Effects of Tropical Storm Ida–Friday, November 13

Over the past few days, the Town of Duck and the entire east coast has been impacted by a Nor’easter that has produced heavy rain fall, storm surges, and winds. Throughout the storm, Town staff worked to ensure that roadways were kept as clear as possible, responded to requests for information and assistance, and provided updates whenever necessary. Today, the staff spent the morning surveying the Town and its beaches. Following are updates on the current conditions:

The Atlantic Ocean Beach
Storm surge has resulted in mild to moderate erosion with partial dune loss in some areas. There is also destruction of several dune walkovers and two swimming pools. Dunes were breached in two areas resulting in minor ocean overwash. This erosion and damage was identified in the area within one mile north of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Research Pier (Duck Pier). The damage to the dune walkovers and the dune loss does not appear to be as substantial as the 2008 fall Nor’easters. Additionally, there has been widespread loss of sand fencing and dune vegetation, and an accumlation of debris on the beach.

Road Flooding
Rainfall throughout the Nor’easter caused flooding on NC 12 (Duck Road) in several areas of Duck. The section on the southern end of Town near the Tuckahoe subdivision became impassable for portions of the day on Thursday, November 12, 2009. Town staff supplemented existing pumps in this area and all of the standing water was cleared by nightfall. Traffic flow in this area was sporadic throughout the day and when passable, limited to one-way traffic.

NC 12 near the Sanderling Inn was also covered with water. Town staff placed temporary pumps in this area and had it cleared of water by late evening.

Currently, other sections of NC 12 throughout Duck are still experiencing ponding. The Town continues to advise motorists to use caution while driving throughout Duck and to be particularly careful at night when visibility is poor.

Subdivision Flooding
Due to the substantial amount of rainfall in a short period of time, the following subdivisions experienced flooding in low-lying areas:
• Caffey’s Inlet
• Four Seasons
• Sand Dollar Shores
• Sanderling
• Sea Hawk
• Sound-Sea Village
The primary flooding concern appears to be standing water which has surrounded and may have entered the ground floor enclosures of some residential dwellings. The flooding appears to be comparable to what was experienced during Hurricane Ernesto in 2006.

Wind Impact
Wind impacts from this storm have been mild. Duck has not experienced any widespread utility service problems or downed trees and power lines. Additionally, due to the primary direction of the wind during this Nor’easter, soundside impacts appear to be negligible.

Additional updates will be sent out as needed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at (252) 255-1234