Duck Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan Update

Town of Duck Pedestrian Plan Moving Forward

Following a process that included input from hundreds of residents and property owners, the Duck Town Council adopted a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan in October 2014.  The pedestrian plan recommends a variety of road and sidewalk improvements intended to promote walking as an alternative form of transportation and improve safety and efficiency for all forms of transportation in the Town of Duck.

Townwide Side Street Crosswalk Improvements
As part of its efforts to implement the pedestrian plan, the Town of Duck contracted with VHB, the design/engineering firm that prepared the plan, to produce designs for safety improvements at all of the intersections where pedestrian paths cross side streets.

At a Town Council meeting on November 18th, representatives from VHB presented their designs for improvements at all side street crosswalks throughout the Town of Duck. A video of the presentation is available at the bottom of this page, or it can can be viewed on the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan page on the Town of Duck website. Click here to the view slides from the presentation.

Typical improvements include the installation of high-visibility crosswalks and stop lines, new signs and sign locations, and trimming or removing vegetation blocking sight lines.  A drawing showing the typical improvements around every intersection is available here.

More complex improvements are recommended at the intersection with Plover Drive and the entrance to Four Seasons.  At Plover Drive, the design proposes to enlarge the landscaped area on the north side and add a striped “bump-out” on the south side of the intersection to narrow the width of the intersection and provide safer crossing for bicycles and pedestrians.  At Four Seasons, the design proposes to move the existing shared use path either back a few feet or forward toward the intersection to eliminate conflicts with vehicles stopped at the intersection. Plans showing these suggested improvements are availablehere.

At this time, the Town of Duck is seeking input from the community about the proposed crosswalk improvements.  You are welcome to contact Community Development Director Joe Heard at (252)255-1234 with any questions or comments about the proposed crosswalk improvements.  We request that any comments be submitted by January 15, 2016.

The Town of Duck is seeking to begin improvements to crosswalks at the following intersections in Spring, 2016.

  • Charles Jenkins Lane
  • E. Bias Lane
  • Tides Drive
  • E. Tuckahoe Drive
  • Sea Hawk Drive
  • Shipswatch Drive
  • Seabreeze Drive
  • Georgetown Sands Road
  • Plover Drive (crosswalk striping only)
  • Sound Sea Avenue
  • Acorn Oak Avenue
  • Ocean Bay Boulevard

Remaining crosswalk improvements will be considered during the Town’s upcoming budget discussions and scheduled for completion in FY 2016-17.  These intersections include:

  • N. Snow Geese Drive
  • Widgeon Drive
  • Pintail Drive
  • Wood Duck Road
  • Canvasback Drive
  • Sprigtail Drive
  • Old Squaw Drive
  • Dianne Street
  • Mallard Drive
  • Trinitie Drive
  • Sea Tern Drive
  • Carroll Drive
  • Station Bay Drive
  • Baum Trail

Other intersections slated for improvement will be coordinated with upcoming repaving projects along the Duck Trail.  These intersections include:

  • Flight Drive
  • Ocean Pines Drive
  • Oyster Catcher Lane
  • Blue Heron Lane
  • Waxwing Lane
  • Martin Lane
  • Sandy Ridge Road
  • Nor’banks Drive
  • Spyglass Road
  • S. Snow Geese Drive

Duck Village Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements
The Town also engaged VHB to develop construction plans for the recommended improvements in the Duck Village area between Four Seasons and Sunset Grille.  VHB has completed preliminary designs for those improvements, which were also presented at the Town Council meeting on November 18th.

North of Cook Drive and south of the existing pedestrian crossing at Aqua restaurant, the proposed improvements will consist of a 10 foot wide shared use path on the eastern side of Duck Road.  Throughout Duck Village the proposed design calls for a 4 foot wide bike lane on the shoulder of the road, a 2-3 foot wide landscaped area, and a 5 foot wide sidewalk on both sides of Duck Road.  Other proposed improvements include pedestrian level lighting at all crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands at three of the busiest crosswalks.  These improvements are intended to enhance safety and efficiency for all forms of transportation within the bustling center of our community.

Representatives from VHB and the Town of Duck have met on-site with nearly 30 business and property owners to review preliminary project designs, answer questions, and receive comments.  At this time, VHB is still receiving comments in preparation for developing a final set of construction plans.  If you would like to learn more about this project or submit comments, please contact Joe Heard, the Town’s Director of Community Development at (252)255-1234 or  Again, we request that any comments be submitted by January 15, 2016.

The N.C. Department of Transportation has identified the Town of Duck’s pedestrian improvements as an important project.  However, due to cuts in bicycle/pedestrian funding in the State budget, funding from the NCDOT would likely be at least 7-10 years in the future.  The Town has not yet identified an alternative funding source for these improvements, but will be seeking grant assistance.  So, no construction timetable has been set for this project. However, completing the construction plans will improve the Town’s ability to secure funding.