Crosswalk Striping to Begin in the Town of Duck

Contractor Roadmark Corporation has informed the Town of Duck that they plan to start the second phase of a project to install new reflective crosswalks across side streets along the Duck Trail on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.  This project will complete an effort to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicle drivers by adding reflective crosswalk striping and stop bars at all intersections along the Duck Trail to the north and south of Duck Village.  The intersections where striping will occur include:


Sandy Ridge Road

Norbanks Drive

Spyglass Drive

S. Snow Geese Drive

N. Snow Geese Drive

Widgeon Drive

Pintail Drive

Wood Duck Drive

Canvasback Drive

Sprigtail Drive

Old Squaw Drive

Dianne Street

Mallard Drive

Trinitie Drive

Sea Tern Drive

Carrol Drive

Flight Drive

Ocean Pines Drive

Oyster Catcher Lane

Blue Heron Lane

Waxwing Lane

Martin Lane

Station Bay Drive

Baum Trail


For more information about the striping/restriping project, you are welcome to contact Director of Community Development Joe Heard at 252-255-1234 or