QR/Barcodes Being Implemented in Town of Duck Literature & Publications

The Town of Duck has just started using barcodes in its publications. These barcodes, also known as QR (Quick Response) codes, allow for data to be stored and then read quickly by a smart device/phone. These barcodes can store URL’s, telephone numbers, or text data. QR codes are a new and innovative way to fast track you to the internet by using the camera on your smart phone and a downloaded application which converts the QR code to data. QR codes can be found in various publications, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and even on t-shirts.

The Town of Duck is using the i-nigma Mobile Reader application to read and create QR codes. The i-nigma Mobile Reader works with most smart phones. To download it, and to see if your device is compatible, click here.

A sample of a QR code follows. This one, specifically, will take you to the Town’s E-Mail Newsletter sign-up form. Please be on the lookout for these codes in Town of Duck newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials.

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