Hazard Mitigation Planning

Outer Banks Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Currituck and Dare Counties and incorporated communities are updating the Outer Banks Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This plan update is required for all communities to maintain eligibility for pre- and post-disaster mitigation funding from FEMA. This effort will also help the counties and incorporated communities to identify hazard risks, understand vulnerability, and develop ways to proactively mitigate risk. To kick off the planning process, two public meetings will be held to provide information on the plan update process, review the identified hazards, and gather feedback from the public. Additional public meetings will be scheduled later in the planning process. The public kickoff meetings will be held on April 22nd and 23rd as follows:

  • Dare County: Monday, 4/22 at 5pm at the Emergency Operations Center, 370 Airport Road, Manteo, 27954
  • Currituck County: Tuesday, 4/23 at 5:30pm at the Public Safety Center, Emergency Operations Center, 125 College Way, Barco, 27917

These meetings are open to the public, so we encourage you to come learn about the plan update and provide input on hazards, risks, and mitigation opportunities!

The National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP requirements. As a result, flood insurance premium rates are discounted to reflect the reduced flood risk resulting from the community actions meeting the three goals of the CRS:

  1. Reduce flood damage to insurable property;
  2. Strengthen and support the insurance aspects of the NFIP; and
  3. Encourage a comprehensive approach to floodplain management.

The Town of Duck maintains a Hazard Mitigation Plan and produces an All Hazards Annual Report in order to be eligible for discounted flood insurance premium rates. The goals and objectives are revised as needed during every 5 year plan review. Each summer, the Town updates the plan with action items to effectively meet these goals and objectives.

In June, 2020, the Town of Duck, after participating in the development of a regional multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation planning effort, approved a resolution to adopt the Outer Bank Hazard Mitigation Plan (OBX-HMP). This plan includes Currituck and Dare counties and the six (6) municipalities within Dare County.  A shared regional multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan was created to meet the following goals:

  1. Support a more holistic regional planning effort, taking into account shared concerns and shareable resources;
  2. Conform to NC Division of Emergency Management’s (NCEM) preference for regional hazard mitigation planning in the state; and
  3. Leverage available funding and resources for mitigation planning.

Copies of the current OBX Hazard Mitigation Plans, past plans and updates may be viewed at Duck Town Hall or by clicking on the links below.

2022 Floodplain Management Progress Report – Approved by Town Council 8/2/2023

2022 Outer Banks Hazard Mitigation Update

2020 Outer Banks Hazard Mitigation Plan  (This is a very large file.)

2018 Albemarle RHMP Mitigation Strategies Update – changes highlighted

2018 Albemarle RHMP Mitigation Strategies Update Final Document

2015 Albemarle Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan  (This is a very large file that must be downloaded.)

2010 Town of Duck Hazard Mitigation Plan

A FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Plan is required to ensure eligibility for FEMA mitigation grants.  Attached are two FEMA documents related to the development of a Hazard Mitigation Plan; one is Planning Team Info and the other is a Fact Sheet on Hazard Mitigation Planning.  These have helped guide us in the development of a new plan.

North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) funded the most recent regional planning effort (OBX-HMP) using a state managed contract with the Wood Group PLC.  This planning process began in March, 2019 and was completed in March, 2020. 

A hazard mitigation plan intends to better protect the people and property of the region from the effects of natural and human-caused hazards, to maintain eligibility for mitigation funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and to help improve CRS standings with the goal of possible flood insurance rate reductions.