Community Development Guidelines

Below are links to various guides, checklist requirements, policies, etc that have been developed by Town staff to assist property owners, business owners and contractors with the planning, zoning and inspection processes in Duck. If after reviewing these guidelines you have further questions, please e-mail us at and reference “Community Development” in the subject.

Most forms below are in PDF format.

Document TitleDescription
Town of Duck Zoning Ordinance
Town of Duck Code of Ordinances, adopted July 3, 2002 and recodified July 5, 2007
Town of Duck Fee ScheduleTown of Duck Fee Schedule, effective July 1, 2022
Vegetation Management
Summary of key points regarding the Town of Duck Tree and Vegetation Preservation and Planting Amended Ordinance which was adopted June 3, 2015. The full ordinance may be found here: § 156.137 TREE AND VEGETATION PRESERVATION AND PLANTING.
Residential Site Plan & As-Built Survey Requirements
This is a detailed checklist of the site plan and as-built survey requirements when submitting building permit applications and requesting final inspections.
Residential Permitting Guidelines
This is a guide to assist in determining the activities that may require Town permits or approvals for residential property. It identifies the items that would be required to accompany the permit and whether a survey is necessary. These guidelines are typical requirements and each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Typical Inspections
This is a list of typical one and two family dwelling building inspections that are required in the Town of Duck. The penalty for failing to call for a required inspection is 50% of the original permit cost.
Single Family, Duplex and Townhouse Minimum Building Plan Checklist
This is a list of items required on residential construction plans based on the North Carolina Residential Code 2006 Edition. All plans submitted after December 31, 2007 are required to contain this information.
Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Barrier Guide
This is a detailed, illustrative guide to assist contractors and homeowners when constructing barriers for their pools, spas and hot tubs.
Single-Family Residential Construction Zoning Chart
This is a condensed version of Duck zoning district requirements for minimum setbacks, maximum number of bedrooms, parking requirements, lot coverage allowances and building height.
Residential Land Disturbance Permit Policies
This is an overview of the types of activities which may require a Land Disturbance Permit, as well as additional requirements when submitting such a permit.
Propane Tank Installation
Overview of propane tank permit requirements, along with installation guidelines for both above and below ground anchoring.
Guidelines for House Moving or Demolition Permit Submission
Overview of permit requirements for house moving or demolition.
Flood Map Information

Link to Flood Maps effective June 20, 2020.

Appendix M – Ocean walkways & dune decks
Building code requirements regarding pile depths in Ocean Hazard areas for walkways over dunes, dune decks and primary structures.
ADA Requirements for Ocean walkways/rampsSketch detail of requirements to construct ADA compliant ocean walkway/ramp
Windborne Debris Protection
Building code requirements regarding windborne debris protection.