Weekly Blotter | April 29 – May 5

Town of Duck Police Department

1259 Duck Road • Post Office Box 8369
Duck, North Carolina 27949

PHONE (252) 261-1112

FAX (252) 261-2108

Jeffrey E. Ackerman, Chief of Police

Weekly Police Report
April 29, 2024 – May 5, 2024
Calls for Service: 188


  • Officers issued 4 traffic enforcement actions during the week. 


  • 125 business checks were made.No unsecured doors were found.
  • 11 extra patrols were requested by out-of-town property owners this week.      


  • Suspicious Vehicle (Osprey Ridge Road and Duck Road)

On April 29, 2024, officers were dispatched to a small school bus that was parked on the road and had been running for hours. Officers arrived and made contact with the occupants of the bus, who were found to be employed by a company that fixes U-Haul trailers. The occupants were repairing a U-Haul trailer at a nearby work site.

  • Suspicious Person (East Sea Hawk Drive)

On April 30, 2024, Duck officers were contacted by a homeowner in reference to an older male and female seen on camera walking around the homeowner’s residence. Officers arrived and checked the residence.  All the windows and doors appeared secure, and the male and female were not located on the property or in the vicinity.

  • Dispute (Duck Road)

On April 30, 2024, officers were contacted by a homeowner in reference to a dispute between the homeowner and a guest who was allowed to stay at his property in exchange for making repairs around the home. The homeowner advised that he was receiving harassing texts from the guest. The homeowner was advised to contact the Magistrate for assistance with eviction and a No Contact order.

  • Juvenile Call (Address Withheld)

On May 1, 2024, officers were dispatched to an out-of-control juvenile, who had broken a window by punching it, and had punched several holes in the drywall. Officers deescalated the situation and waited for the juvenile’s counselor to come to the scene to handle the incident.

  • Breaking and Entering (Sound Sea Avenue)

On May 2, 2024, officers were notified after house cleaners found the beds in a rental home had been slept in and empty vodka bottles were found in the home. The rental home was supposed to have been vacant.  The cleaners cleaned the residence before alerting officers, so there was no evidence to collect. Officers canvassed the neighborhood, but only one neighbor recalled seeing a vehicle at the home. The neighbor was only able to provide minimal information.

  • Animal Call (Duck Road)

On May 3, 2024, officers were dispatched to the above listed location in reference to a sea turtle laying eggs. Officers contacted NEST who advised sea turtles do not lay eggs on the sound side. It was suggested that the turtle was a large snapping turtle, and it was best to allow nature to take its course.

  • Trespassing (Schooner Ridge Drive)

On May 3, 2024, officers were dispatched to the above listed location after the homeowner saw two males on camera walking through his carport.  The homeowner advised he could hear the males talking and opening a door.  Officers arrived but were unable to locate the suspects. Officers contacted the homeowner who believed the males may have been using the restroom in the outdoor shower.

  • ABC Violation (Duck Road)

On May 5, 2024, officers were contacted by the owner of an Airbnb in reference to possible underage drinking at the home. The owner was advised to contact Airbnb if they wanted to initiate an eviction. Officers agreed to conduct extra patrols in the area.

  • Civil Dispute (Jay Crest Road)

On May 5, 2024, officers were dispatched to the above listed location in reference to a dispute between landlord and tenant. Upon arrival, officers found that the landlord changed the locks on the home and moved all of the tenant’s belongings outside the home. The landlord was advised that he had failed to follow the eviction process and could be liable for his actions. The tenant decided it was best to leave and move to a different location.

  • Open Door (Old Squaw Drive)

On May 5, 2024, officers were dispatched to the above listed location in reference to an open door.  Duck officers arrived and made contact with renters on scene who advised that the door was open when they got to the home. The renters advised that everything was okay in the residence, and they thought the door had been blown open by the wind.


  • No traffic crashes reported this week.

WEEKLY TRAFFIC VOLUME (As determined by ALPR Detections)

ALPR Camera04-29-2404-30-2405-01-2405-02-2405-03-2405-04-2405-05-24
Northbound: Duck Into Corolla2797273128192836316231443296
Southbound: Currituck Into Duck3015305432273301388642324058
Northbound: SS Into Duck6062598662316896770976046882
Southbound: Duck Into SS5504536553895586596157886068
Total Detections17378171361766618619207182076820304
  • 52.29% of the vehicles that entered Duck passed through to Currituck County last week.