Town Hall Design and Schedule Progressing

At its meeting on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, the Duck Town Council approved the final conceptual design for the Town Hall and authorized staff to continue with the preparation of construction documents. The Duck Town Hall is slated to be built at 1200 Duck Road on the Town’s Municipal Property.

Discussion and consideration of a Town Hall facility has been ongoing for several years. When the original Town Park was designed by the Municipal Property Master Plan Study Committee, a Town Hall was not included in the final recommended plan. However, when the Town purchased the property associated with the former Herron Family Restaurant in 2006, it was done solely for the purpose of eventually constructing a Town Hall on the site. Since that time, the Town has examined many alternatives to constructing a Town Hall at the Town Park, including requesting land at the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) property which was denied by the ACOE and denied again later on appeal by the Department of Defense. Other locations were also explored that were each rejected due to financial, space, or long-term needs reasons.

It is anticipated that construction documents for the Town Hall will be completed by early to mid summer, with the project being let out for bid upon their completion. The final design will also be available on the Town’s Web site.