Town of Duck Tree Protection Standards

The Town of Duck’s 2022 Vision and Land Use Plan both emphasize the community’s interest in preserving the Town’s environmental resources and character of the community. Recognizing the significance of trees to the community’s character, Town of Duck leaders adopted a tree preservation and protection ordinance early in the Town’s history.

What is the purpose of the tree protection ordinance?
To preserve, protect, and replace trees and vegetation as properties are developed and improved within the Town of Duck.

When do I need to obtain a tree/vegetation removal permit?
• If you are seeking to remove a tree 24 inches in diameter at breast height, then you must first obtain a tree removal permit from the Community Development Department. Such permit may be issued if certain criteria are met.
• Before you clear trees or vegetation in preparation for developing a lot, you must first submit a vegetation management plan noting which areas are to be cleared and any trees/vegetation to be removed.
What can I do about a dead/dying or problematic tree?
• You can obtain an emergency exception to remove a hazardous tree after providing documentation about the need for the emergency tree removal.
• Any tree with a trunk within 10 feet of a structure can be removed.
• Trees with branches hanging over roofs or rubbing against houses can have branches pruned to minimize potential damage or impacts to the structure.

How can I determine if a permit is needed?
The easiest way to figure out what will be required is to contact the Community Development Department at 252.255.1234. Joe Heard or Sandy Cross will be glad to talk about your proposed tree removal and/or meet you at the site to determine if a permit is needed. Click here to review the Vegetation Ordinance Summary.