Phase III Pedestrian Plan Update- December 16, 2019

Although limited by weather last week, RPC Contracting was able to prepare the base for several sections of sidewalk in the northern end of the project and poured a section of sidewalk in the area south of Barrier Island Station.  Sidewalk construction will continue southward from that point during the week of December 16th.

RPC also completed the excavation and grading in the block between Cook Drive and Duck Deli last week.  Millstone Marine Construction will start construction of taller retaining walls in this area during the week of December 16th.

Due to the use of heavy equipment, the northbound travel lane may be closed at times with traffic being stopped or diverted into the middle lane during the closures.  Please be alert for construction activity and drive slowly and safely as you travel through this area of town.

The third phase of bicycle and pedestrian improvements through Duck Village is occurring along the east side of Duck Road from the end of the existing sidewalk at Duck Deli northward to connect with the existing shared use path at the Ships Watch neighborhood.  Similar to prior phases, the planned improvements include a dedicated bike lane, landscaped bed, and sidewalk.  The project also involves the construction of retaining walls, relocation of several utilities, and installation of a handicap accessible ramp at the Sunset Grille/Barrier Island Shoppes crosswalk.

Phase 3 construction has an estimated completion date in March 2020, but the present pace of construction may allow for the project to be completed substantially earlier.  Once Phase 3 is complete, the Town of Duck will have travel lanes for bicycles and pedestrians along the entire east side of Duck Road from the northern to the southern boundaries of the Town.

For questions about the bicycle and pedestrian improvements, you can contact Director of Community Development Joe Heard at or (252)255-1234.