Pedestrian Plan Update- January 22, 2018

Despite losing a couple of days to our recent winter storms, significant progress has been made on Phase I of the Town of Duck Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan along the east side of Duck Road (N.C. Highway 12) in Duck Village.  Barnhill Contracting is completing initial rough excavation work north past the Wee Winks/Brindley Beach property.  They will likely finish the initial excavation northward to the Duck Deli property by mid-week.  Please be alert and drive slowly and safely through the construction area.  There may be traffic lane shifts as heavy equipment work continues.

Once the rough excavation is complete, Barnhill Contracting will begin the more detailed, fine grading later this week.  This work will begin at the crosswalk to Aqua Restaurant & Spa and continue to the north.

Dominion Power completed a related project to move existing guy wires in front of the Cotton Gin and power pole/guy wires by the Scarborough Faire/Scarborough Lane properties.  With the removal of these features from the right-of-way, retaining walls supporting the adjoining properties can now be constructed in both these areas.

Millstone Marine Construction has completed four of the designed retaining walls at Loblolly Pines Shopping Center, Roadside Bar & Grill, PNC Bank, and BP/Coastal Cravings.  They will be constructing additional retaining walls at Scarborough Lane/Scarborough Faire, Cotton Gin, Wee Winks, between Wampum-Marlin Drives, and near Duck Deli.

In a related project, the owners of Duck Deli are constructing improvements to their parking area, including construction of the portion of the sidewalk in front of the Duck Deli property.

Several weeks ago, Barnhill Contracting completed its grading and site preparations in the southernmost portion of the project between Four Seasons and the crosswalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa.  This section of the project will consist of an eight-foot (8’) wide shared use path extending the existing Duck Trail to the south.  This portion of the pathway is now ready for asphalt surfacing, which will likely be completed on a fair-weather day in January.  As the forecast for this week has either cold or rainy days, this section will not be paved until next week at the earliest.

You may click here for more information about the planned pedestrian improvements.