Dare County Businesses Urged to Register for County’s Post-Hurricane Reentry Permits

For Immediate Release by County of Dare, Department of Emergency Management
Local businesses are encouraged to obtain and/or verify post-disaster entry permits to reenter Dare County following a hurricane. Please note, reentry permits will not be issued within 72 hours of landfall of a storm.

Following an evacuation, businesses will be allowed to return to the county in tiers, based on the type of service provided.

Essential personnel for critical businesses are allowed reentry with an issued permit during Priority Two. This includes essential personnel with food service/supply businesses, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, property management companies, building supply businesses, and hotels. Priority Two also includes permanent residents who are allowed entry with a driver’s license listing a Dare County address.

Non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed access during Priority Three. The employees must have a Priority Three reentry permit issued and registered with Dare County Emergency Management.

Business owners and managers are asked to call Emergency Management at 252.475.5655 to confirm and update records for current reentry permits or to receive new permits. For full information about the reentry process following a storm, visit www.darenc.com/reentry.