Crosswalk Striping Project Underway

The pedestrian crosswalk striping/restriping project at certain intersections north and south of Duck Village is underway, and according to the contractor, A Parking Lot Maintenance of Manteo, NC, will be completed the week of April 11.

The striping/restriping of pedestrian crosswalks is occurring across the following side streets along the Duck Trail:

  • Ocean Bay Boulevard (Sound-Sea Village)
  • Acorn Oak Avenue (Sound-Sea Village)
  • Sound Sea Avenue (Sound-Sea Village)
  • Ships Watch Drive (Ships Watch)
  • Plover Drive
  • Georgetown Sands Road (Georgetown Sands)
  • Seabreeze Drive (Sand Dollar Shores)
  • Sea Hawk Drive (Sea Hawk)
  • Tuckahoe Drive (Tuckahoe)
  • Tides Drive (Tides of Duck)
  • Bias Lane (Bias Shores)
  • Charles Jenkins Lane (OceanCrest)

The contractor started with the northern intersections of the project and work its way south.

The Town of Duck plans to conduct a similar striping/restriping project for the remaining side street intersections north of Duck Village during the 2016-17 fiscal year.  These crosswalk striping projects are part of the Town’s initial efforts to implement some of the safety improvements recommended in the Duck Pedestrian Plan.

For more information about the striping/restriping project, you are welcome to contact Director of Community Development Joe Heard at 252-255-1234 or