Town of Duck Announces Its Holiday Community Appearance Award Winners

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, the Town of Duck’s Community Improvement Committee presented its 2010 Holiday Community Appearance Awards. The awards are designed to recognize business owners, community associations, and home owners in their efforts to enhance and promote the holiday spirit within the Town of Duck.

The Commercial Holiday Decorating Awards were presented to:
• The Sanderling Resort & Spa and
• Sun Realty.

The Residential Holiday Decorating Awards were presented to:
• Marilyn March: 103 Mallard Drive in Wild Duck Dunes;
• The Majewskis: 106 Skimmer Way in Sanderling; and
• Pat Scarlett: 102 Mallard Drive in Wild Duck Dunes.

The Neighborhood Holiday Decorating Awards were presented to the:
• Carolina Dunes;
• Osprey; and
• Sanderling Subdivisions.

The Community Appearance Awards program is administered by the Town’s Community Improvement Committee (CIC) and includes two separate award programs. The Holiday Awards Program is part of the Seasonal Community Appearance Awards Program presented by the Town’s CIC. This is the fifth year that the awards have been given with the program being instituted in 2005.

The second award program, administered by the CIC, is the Annual Community Appearance Award honoring those who are helping to preserve the Town’s unique character. These awards are normally given at an awards ceremony during a regular Town Council meeting in early to mid summer.

The CIC was created by the Duck Town Council on February 2, 2005 to preserve the Town’s unique character for present and future generations. Current Town of Duck CIC members are: Chairperson Lisa Mann, Beach Essentials; Member Allen Lehew, Duck’s Cottage; and Member George Grinnan, Resident.

More information on the program can be found by clicking here. To view some of the pics, click here.