Pedestrian Plan Update- November 17, 2017

Phase I of the Town of Duck Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan continued to see progress over the past week.  Barnhill Contracting removed a short section of the asphalt Duck Trail connecting to the shoulder of Duck Road by the Four Seasons property.  Until further notice, this area is closed to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.  This section of the Duck Trail will be reconstructed further to the east and extend to the crosswalk at Aqua Restaurant & Spa.  Barnhill also installed a substantial amount of silt fencing to prevent erosion and sedimentation in the southern portion of the project area.  Out of respect to local businesses and many visitors in Duck during the holiday week, Barnhill Contracting has left the project area in a clean and safe condition and does not plan to engage in any construction work during the week of Thanksgiving.  It is anticipated that the pace of work will pick up in the weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.